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Important! Please read!

Woah woah, guys. I'm glad you got back on track again, but... Posts here are supposed to focus on the Hoenn region entirely, more specifically, the Pokemon. There are already several places where you can discuss New Years resolutions on the site, and even an entire thread dedicated to them in Other Voting Polls, so there's absolutely no need to put a topic like this in here. Now, I know it was changed to being new years resolutions in Hoenn, but that's a bit of a stretch, the damage was still done, and that is, unfortunately, not a valid topic either.

Discussion in here is supposed to focus on the Pokemon of Hoenn alone, not the region, not any characters in the games, nothing but the Pokemon. As much as I would like all the additional discussion to have a place in here, it's simply not allowed. We already have an entire forum dedicated to discussion about Hoenn and everything else generation III related, and allowing people to discuss the exact same things in here first of all has a chance of reducing the activity of that forum, which isn't something we're aiming for at all, and is second of all, completely unnecessary.

Now don't be alarmed, no one will be punished for anything, since it is quite a harder club to deal with, especially since everyone might not be aware of how the generation clubs work, but please keep to the topic of the club. I'd still love to see you all as active as you've been up till now, but just be wary of the topics you discuss, and stay on topic of the Hoenn Pokemon :)
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