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    Centuries ago, a powerful sorcerer discovered a spell that would allow him to steal the magic of all the humans in Fargona. Once he had collected the necessary items, he enacted his plan, draining everyone of their magical abilities, including the magic necessary for dragon tamers, whom had once been common, to form a bond with their dragon. To prevent him from fully taking over Fargona, the most powerful dragons in all the land used their magic to seal him away in another realm while he was still recovering from using the spell. These dragons then mysteriously disappeared and were never seen in Fargona again.


    After all these years, magic is slowly starting to return to Fargona. Sorcerers, though not as strong as the ones from the past, are once again becoming common throughout the land. There have also been stories of dragon tamers, though there is no proof that these rumors are true. The return of magic to the land has brought both joy and fear. There are those who believe that magic belongs in Fargona, while others are afraid of what the new sorcerers will do with their power. The dragons have also become restless, though no one is able to understand why.
    During this time, dragons have also been disappearing. There have been reports of dragons, trained and wild alike, being seen in trance like states the day before they simply vanish without a trace. There have also been cases of sorcerers - many of whom are still learning about their magic - turning up dead with no sign as to how they died. Due to these incidents happening more and more often, the king has sent out his army to find the fabled dragon tamers in the hopes that they might be able to help save both magic and dragons from extinction.

    Where do you come in?

    You are one of the dragon tamers the kingdom is searching for. Whether you realize it or not, there is a dragon waiting out there for you, one that you will form an unbreakable bond with. You just have to find it.

    Dragon Tamers

    Dragon tamers are humans with a special connection with dragons. By this I mean that understanding and handling dragons seems to just come naturally to them, though even they have a difficult time with the more aggressive dragons. Somewhere out in the world, there is a dragon especially fitted to the dragon tamer, even if they seem like total opposites. This dragon is the only dragon that can truly bond with a dragon tamer. When a tamer and dragon bond, it may be done knowingly or unknowingly, as all it requires is a stray thought toward one or the other. Most dragons, though, know when they've found their dragon tamer match and are usually the ones to start forming the bond. When a bond is formed, it's like a flood-gate to the soul is opened, the emotions of the dragon flooding into the dragon tamer, and the emotions of the dragon tamer flooding into the dragon. There is usually quite a shock involved when the bond is formed, as each attempts to cope with the flood of emotions, and it may take a day or two for them to learn how to channel the river of emotion coming from their partner. After that, knowing which emotions are yours and which are your partner's comes naturally, and emotions soon become the main form of communication between dragon and tamer. Once the bond has been formed, it cannot be broken, not even by death. When a dragon tamer's dragon dies, they'll still be able to sense it's presence, and the same goes for dragons when their tamer dies. While dragon tamers really have large amounts of magic, most of it is set it set in reserve for the bond with their dragon, and even before forming the bond they cannot willingly use this magic. This leaves only a small amount of magic for use in spells, so they can only use spells that don't require much magic, and depending on the type of spell even those can't be kept up for very long.

    Legends of Fargona
    Skolgar is the name of a dragon that was the only one of its kind. As the stories go, Skolgar was the only truly immortal dragon in existence. Not even the most powerful magic could kill it. It used to be a calm dragon that didn't bother humans as long as they didn't bother it, but that all changed when a traveler lost in the Tonumskel Range happened across it's only egg that was due to hatch any day. The traveler, not realizing that the egg belonged to Skolgar, stole it, thinking that he could sell it for a hefty price Skelsaugh. When Skolgar returned to its cave to find nothing but the scent of human, it went into a rage and attacked Skelsaugh. None could stand against its might, and not even the dragon tamers had enough power to bond with such a powerful dragon. When it's destructive rampage reached Issathon, the most powerful sorcerers in Fargona were called to defend the castle. Though they still couldn't kill it, the sorcerers were able to push Skolgar back to its home in the Tonumskel Range, and it's said that there they put a spell on it that sent it into a deep sleep and that it still sleeps somewhere in those cold mountains. Few believe Skolgar ever really existed, but even the non-believers will avoid the Tonumskel Range.

    Fargona's Origins
    There are many legends that tell of how Fargona was created, but there is one that is more popular than others. It goes as such:
    Many millenia ago, dragons were chased from the world they once lived in. The world they found themselves in was empty of humans, and the dragons rejoiced that at last they would be able to live in peace. They spread magic throughout the land, and created Fargona, the island of dragons, to be their home, giving it the shape of a dragon breathing out its magic. In this new world, dragons thrived for many years, but then they became lonely. They missed the humans they had once been friends with, and so they opened a path to allow humans to enter their world if they so wished. Slowly, humans trickled in and built cities to live in. Once humans stopped coming, the dragons closed the portal once again and from then on lived contentedly with the humans that had come.

    Religions of Fargona
    Dragon Worship
    Due to the legend surrounding Fargona's origins, many people see dragons as gods. To them, it is considered blasphemous to harm a dragon in any way or force a dragon into any kind of labor. Even if a dragon attacks someone, dragon worshippers will refuse to harm the dragon and will instead search for another way to save the victim, usually using a sleeping powder developed from herbs. Mt. Damor is considered a holy place by dragon worshipers and they often go there to leave offerings of meat and incense to the Dragon Lords; the dragons who locked away the power-hungry sorcerer of legend.

    Map of Fargona

    ~Thanks to Swiftsign for making the map~

    Issathon- This is the largest and most heavily fortified fortress. With walls that tower over a hydra's head and spires that reach the clouds, it is indeed a grand yet intimidating sight. Inner walls are thick enough for two drakes to walk side-by-side and is 50 feet higher than the outer walls that protects the homes of the commoners. The outer walls are only half as thick and stand just about 30 feet above a full grown hydra's head. Issathon is where King Johar Ulond dwells with his advisors and other important members of the court. The Royal Guard is also stationed here.

    Arddyn- The castle of this fortress is small when compared to the ones of the other fortresses. Within the inner walls and surrounding the castles are large, fortified complexes that house dragons. Only people who aren't afraid of loosing their lives to a loose dragon live here, along with the dragon trainers. There isn't much of an army here, but the dragons more than make up for it. People come from all over Fargona to buy dragons that have been trained here. Lord Catos Boutheret rules here.

    Honim- This is the trading center of Fargona. Its market place is always flooded with buyers and sellers as many traders come here to sell their goods. The Lord of the castle is Talach Lolinnor.

    Banloress- This fortress is home to the academy where knight's are trained. It is ruled over by Lord Ferand Oborgon, with the captain of the Royal Guard, Hallum Ebboter, also having a hand in the ruling. Banloress is the second most well defended castle, seeing as it's occupents are mostly knights or knights-in-training with there being very few commoners.

    Skelsaugh- The people of this village have learned how to survive in the unforgiving northern region of Fargona while also making a profit by selling the thick furs of the animals that live in the frozen climate.

    Itim- This village specializes in trading with other countries. Most of the goods that are sent off from here are furs and lumber. Because of the chilly climate, farming isn't possible here so most of the inhabitants are fishers and sailors.

    Lyeydra- With the help of dragons, the people of this village mine the valuable minerals and metals within the mountains. The main forms of employment are mining, smithing, and stone carving.

    Oslermor- There are many temples scattered throughout this village, dedicated to dragon worship. Dragons here are treated like royalty and it is considered unlawful to harm a dragon in any way.

    Ormvorit- With frequent rain and good, nutrient filled soil, this village has very good land for farming many crops. Though Remok and Anver also have good soil for farming, it is widely agreed that the best produce comes from Ormvorit.

    Remok- Unlike Ormvorit which brings forth a variety of crops, the people of Remok focus solely on grains, which they then use to bake their delectable breads and cakes that are especially popular with the nobles.

    Anver- Another farming town, the people of anver mostly grow orchards, producing some of the juiciest fruits in all of Fargona.

    Raddyn- This village was created as more of a place for travelers to rest and stock up on supplies before starting toward Arddyn. The people live off of the land, hunting the many mountain goats that roam the area and using their hair for clothing.

    Ridan- Like Itim, Ridan is a trading town from which ships are constantly coming and going, though the exports that leave this village are usually made up of grains and fruits, as well as silky cloths from the Kin'unda. The people of this village do some farming, though the majority are fishers.

    Arban- This village was created for the same purpose as Raddyn; as a way-point for weary travelers coming from or going to Oldkin desert.

    Kin'unda- The majority of the people in this village are dark-skinned and wear clothing that covers their entire bodies to protect themselves from the harsh sunlight. One may think that there is little profit to be made in such an environment, but Kin'unda is one of the richest villages in Fargona. They harvest certain types of edible cacti, and the women of the village are magnificent weavers that use materials ranging from snake skin to bird feathers.

    Ormild- This tropical village isn't the most productive, but the people are bound very closely together. They don't interact much with the rest of Fargona, except to send coffee beans and sugar to the inhabitants of the mainland.

    Mt. Damor- It was once an active volcano, but became dormant many centuries ago. At the very peak there are the ruins of an ancient temple that was made to honor the dragons.

    Dragon Species
    Dragons marked by an * may not be chosen. Click a dragon's name for an example image of it. If there are multiple breeds of a species, click the breed's name.

    Amphisbaena- The two heads of the Amphisbaena are always in perfect sync - expect for during supper time. Whether it's hunting or fighting, both minds work as one, but when there's food to eat, they bicker and fight about who gets what. Each head controls its half of the body. The average length for this species is 7 feet. Males have a set of horns atop their front head. Their scales are usually variations of brown, gray, black, and white, with a hint of purple here and there. Their most effective weapon is the cloud of magic they secret, and the effect of this magic varies. If breathed in, it could poison, paralyze, suffocate, confuse, or knock out the unfortunate victim, leaving it open to the Amphisbaena's deadly poisonous fangs. If the Amphisbaena simply wants to escape, it will burrow into the sand. This species lives anywhere there is soft sand, whether it be deserts or beaches.
    Winged- Winged Amphisbaena are the most uncommon of the two breeds. The fore-most head controls any legs, and when they fly, the two heads have to be in perfect sync otherwise it will crash to the ground.
    Wingless- Wingless Amphisbaena are incredibly common. They are often mistaken for snakes, but on closer inspection one notices the extra head and the scales that are much thicker than a snake's.
    *Bakunawa- Bakunawa may appear to be nothing more then large fish, growing to be an average of 8 feet long, but unlike fish, bakunawa can use magic. The membrane on their fins allows them to fly a little ways into the air, as well as leap great distances out of the water, though they can't stay up long because of their size. This carnivorous species will eat anything it can get its mouth on, even people. They are viscious and solitary and will protect their territory from other bakunawa with their lives if need be. Their magic allows them to boost themselves through the water at incredible speeds. Despite the dangers, some brave fishermen catch these dragons as they are considered a delicacy among the nobles.

    Basilisk- This odd mixture between a chicken and lizard is hated by farmers because it often preys on their livestock. Basilisks often eat the eggs or young of other dragons, and though they are mostly carnivorous, they sometimes eat berries or nuts. The wattle and comb on the males are much larger then on the females, whose are barely noticable. They only grow to be about 2 feet tall, but they are very speedy. If you look into a Basilisk's eyes you will be completely paralyzed by their magic. This species lives in the rocky regions in eastern Fargona and around the mountain ranges scattered about the land. Lately they've been moving closer and closer to towns where the pickings are easy.

    Celestial- There are many variations of celestials, but all of them have long, snake-like bodies and draconic heads. The "whiskers" on their muzzles serve to help them judge wind direction and velocity. An average adult is about 30 feet long. They are probably the wisest of the dragons, with records speaking of celestials that could speak about as clearly as any human. Most celestials prefer to keep their distance from humans, though they are willing to do almost anything for knowledge. There are three types of magic that celestials can use: a pure form of energy that they coat their bodies in to form a shield, a firey breath attack, and if there is a storm, they can call down lightning to strike themselves, and this lightning is then transformed into an attack that strikes their opponent. One of the few towns where they are commonly seen is Oslermor, though they otherwise mostly confine themselves to high mountains peaks.

    Chimera- With the lion head controling the front two legs, the goat head controling the back two legs, the dragon head controling the wings, and the snake head controling the tail, if all four of a chimera's heads aren't working together it isn't going anywhere fast. While the snake head has a poisonous bite that kills within two minutes and the dragon head breathes fire, the lion and goat heads can't use any magic. They instead make up for it with brute force, kicking and slashing at anything that gets within reach. An adult chimera is about the size of a large horse. This species lives in groups in the tropical forests on the Orskel Islands, where few dare to venture. The goat head is herbivorous and can sustain the body for a few weeks by eating plants, but if a chimera goes to long without meat it will slowly wither and die. As with lions, only males have a mane.

    Dracotaur- This species of dragon has formed it's own language of growls and hisses that only others of its kind can understand. They are very hostile toward anything that isn't a dracotaur. They live solitary lives, though they sometimes gather into large groups to hunt before once again going their separate ways. Newborn dracotaur only have four limbs and must stay with their their mothers for 6 years, which is when their torsoe and arms fully develop. They are one of the few dragons that are unable to use magic, but their physical strength rivals that of a drake's. All dracotaur are the same forest green color and stand at about 12 feet tall, making it rather difficult to tell them apart. They roam the forests and plains of Fargona.

    Dragonne- The scales on dragonne are razor sharp, with only the silky fur on the feet and face being safe to touch. On males, the scales on the neck sticks out like a mane. This "mane" bristles when the male is angry or trying to intimidate an enemy. They are the size of lions, but are much thinner and built more for running than fighting. That doesn't make them any less dangerous in a fight, seeing as their claws and fangs are coated in an acid that can cut through flesh. When they don't need it, this acid disolves into thin air as if it were never there, only to reappear again when they require it. Dragonne roam the Oldkin desert in large prides.

    Drake- While they are physically powerful, the magic of these dragons is among the weakest. The only magic they can use is an elemental breath that varies with their color. All drakes have the same the same basic structure: a thick body with a long, winding tail, four study legs, and a snake-like neck. An average adult drake can grow to be about 30 feet tall and 70 feet long. Their wings are large and grow out of the sides of their bodies at about shoulder height. This species often has multiple horns or spines. Males are large, strong, and slow, while females are more slender, quick, and viscious.
    Wind- Wind drakes have pure white scales that reflect the sunlight. This breed typically makes their home in caves near the peaks of high mountains. Their elemental breath is a powerful burst of wind.
    Earth- Earth drakes have hard, metallic brown or green scales that give them the appearance of wearing armor. They make their homes in rocky terrains and deserts. Their elemental breath is a storm of sand.
    Fire- Fire drakes range from red to orange. They live around both active and dormant volcanoes. Their elemental breath is a raging hot fire.
    Water- Water drakes have incredibly thick blue scales that allow them to withstand high pressures. This comes in handy when they go hunting deep within the ocean. They usually live in caves near the ocean, though on occasion they make their homes by lakes. Their elemental breath is a powerful blast of water.
    Shadow- Shadow drakes have pitch black scales and are slightly smaller than other breeds. Their smaller size makes it easier for them to move around in the swamps where they live, as well as making them faster than other breeds. Their elemental breath is a choking black fog that makes it difficult for their foe to see and breath.
    Light- Light drakes have golden scales that shine in the sunlight, giving them a dazzling appearance. They usually live in valleys or deserts. Unlike other drakes, the don't live in dens. Rather, they form a nest of sorts out of rocks. Their elemental breath is a bright light that burns the eyes.
    Storm- Storm drakes have cloudy gray scales that blend in well with rainclouds. They are rarely seen since they almost never come down from their high mountains homes. Their elemental breath is a electrifying blast of lightning.
    Elemental- Elementals are practically made up of magic as it is what gives them life and holds their bodies together, though using to much of that magic can kill them. An adult elemental is about 10 feet long and 3 feet tall when it stands on its legs. They are similar to wyverns in that they have two legs and a pair of wings, but elementals are more snake-like and prefer to slither along the ground rather than walk. While they aren't very strong, elementals are swifter than most dragons.
    Lava- Lava elementals live deep in volcanoes and eat rocks or fire rather than meat. Their favorite snack is a hardened blob of magma. Their insides are made up entirely of hot magma and fire, with igneous rock forming a thick crust to hold it all together. Even through the hardened rock that protects it, a hot red glow is visible. They attack by blasting lava out of their maws, much like a volcano erupting, and they can heat the air around them by fanning their wings.
    Water- Water elementals usually live in rivers, lakes, or bays and rarely come on shore, even though they can survive just as well on land. Within, they are made up entirely of water, while on the outside they are covered by slick ice that's protected from melting by magic. When in the water they seem to disappear. They have a frosty breath that can freeze almost anything, and every flap of their wings causes a chill to permeate the air.
    Ground- Ground elementals are content living anywhere that is dry and will burrow their way deep into the earth when they make their dens. They eat whatever minerals they can find. On the inside, this breed is full of shifting sand. On the outside, they are protected by metal. The red tint comes from the clay that is mixed in with the metal. They spit mud-balls at their opponents and create miniature sandstorms by flapping their wings.
    Air- The only food that air elementals require is air itself. Their entire being is made up of air. Even their scales are simply compressed air; if this outer layer is punctured, the air elemental will die. The green that flows from their bodies is air that has been tinted by the magic within them. This breed is constantly flying and usually only comes down for a landing when it is taking care of its draclings or when it needs rest. They blast powerful gusts of wind from their mouth, and their wings can also create small yet dangerous windstorm. They often use this to give themselves a boost, making them extremely speedy.
    Fae- Fae are miniscule dragons that only grow to be about 2 inches in height and 6 inches in length from head to tail. Their wings are iridescent and all fae are rather colorful. All dragons of this species are strict herbivores. Despite their puny size, they are the most powerful magic-wise, knowing a wide range of powerful spells, though they are mostly defensive and healing spells. Other dragons respect fae for their kind natures and often search for them to get help when they are injured. This species can be found anywhere that there is a lot of foliage, though they are masters of disguise so it can be difficult to find them. If you are able to earn a fae's trust, you have a friend for life. If you harm or insult a fae in anyway, you have made a very dangerous enemy. Puk dragons are their sworn enemies.

    Gargoyle- These nocturnal dragons enjoy playing pranks on anyone who happens to be out late at night and these devilish and often dangerous tricks have earned them the place of the antagonist in many children's stories. They rarely hunt for themselves but instead scour the land for anything that another carnivore might have left. If they happen upon some helpless creature, they just might snatch it up and take it to their cave homes. These victims are then tortured and teased by the gargoyles, who seem to take pleasure in watching others suffer. Many human children have been kidnapped by these dragons and not all of them have returned home safely. If a gargoyle were to stand up straight, which it rarely does, it would be as tall as an average human. Their magic creates a 30 foot perimeter of impenetrable darkness around them, allowing them to land safely and eat without being seen.

    *Guivre- This species lives in the oceans far off of Fargona's shores where few ever go. They have long, wiry bodies with fins scattered about on their body in positions that make swimming easier for them. The largest guivre ever found was 90 feet long, though no one knows how large they can really get. When hunting, they twist rapidly around their opponents, creating an area of compressed magic in the area they area they are circling, and that in turn creates a whirlpool that knocks their prey senseless, allowing them to go in for the kill. These dragons have caused many ships to sink before they reach their destinations.

    *Hydra- The hydra is the largest known species of dragon, standing at an incredible 400 feet tall when fully grown. They rarely leave their mountain homes, and when they do it is either because of necessity or someone has done something to anger them. If angered, these dragons can and will cause massive damage. All hydra are born with seven heads, though not all hydra are the same color. If one of its heads is chopped off, two more will grow in its place over time. This is one of the only dragon species that cannot willingly use magic, though it is magic that causes them to live as long as they do. There are very few of these gigantic dragons in Fargona and they only survive because of their strength, secluded living, and longer-than-normal life-spans. The oldest known age that a hydra has lived to is 672 years old, though it is suspected that their are ones that are even older still alive. Hydras are the only dragons known to live over 200 years, besides the mythical Skolgar.

    Kirin- About the size of a moose, kirin aren't seen often despite being rather common. If you are lucky enough to see one of these shy creatures it is believed that good fortune will follow you. They are one of the few herbivorous dragon species. A female kirin's horn is smooth, while a male's has "branches" sticking out of it. The number of branches varies with the age of the kirin. Females live in herds with a single male to lead them, and this male can be very protective of his females. Any males without herds roam aimlessly.
    Forest- Forest kirin live in the deepest reaches of Fargona's forests where few humans ever go. They use magic by stomping down on the ground. This sends out a shockwave, like a small earthquake. Males use their magic when fighting, and whichever one falls over first loses.
    Sky- The flames of a sky kirin cannot be extinguished by anything, and these flames only harm those they consider enemies. The only way for the flames to go out is if the dragon dies. The magic of sky kirin permits them to run through the sky as if it were land. No dragon can match their speed in the skies. Even when sleeping they hover high above the clouds and only land to feed. Like celestial dragons, sky dragons use their "whiskers" to judge wind direction and speed.
    Longma- These dragons aren't as common in the wild as they once were, but they thrive in human society as work animals. An adult longma is the size of a large horse but requires twice as much food as any normal horse. On the bright side, they are many times stronger than a horse and can accomplish quite a bit more work. Their magic gives them incredible bursts of speed of up to 200 mph, the only downsides being that it makes turning rather difficult and riders have a difficult time remaining seated. When they dive, they can reach up to 600 mph. Wild longma roam the plains and skies of Fargona in large herds. Longma are rather docile and are one of the easier dragons to train. They get along well with other dragons and would rather run than fight. Most farmers have at least one, if not more, as they are very useful working animals. Many nobles keep a set of well trained longma to pull their coaches.

    Manticore- Unlike other lion-like dragons, manticores are solitary creatures, though like other lion-like dragons, only males have manes. Wild manticores can only be found in the Rheendess Range. They will challenge any other living being they see, no matter what it is. The spikes on their tail can penetrate even the thickest of scales and secrete a poison that first paralyzes then slowly kills the victim. They are about 5 feet at the shoulder.

    Puk- Puks are sworn enemies of faes. They are almost at the same level of magic as fae, though puk focus more on attack spells. They are the same size as fae at 2 inches tall and 6 inches long. Puk are speedy little critters, and being insectivores, speed plays a large part in catching their meals. This mischievous dragons will often gather in large groups to swarm travelers and make off with any items that are small enough for them to carry. They are commonly caught and trained by criminals who take advantage of their cunning to do their dirty work.
    Forest- Forest puk will live anywhere as long as their are plenty of trees, whether it be in the Oress Marshland, the tropical forests of the Orskel Islands, or the freezing cold northern evergreen forests.
    Desert- Despite their name, desert puk don't only live in deserts but also in rocky areas like the Rheendess Range.

    Quetzalcoatl- These dragons are most commonly found on the Orskel Islands, though they have also been sighted flying high about the main land. While they usually come in bright, tropical colors there are some that are duller colors like brown and black. They have a poisonous bite that paralyzes but doesn't kill as they prefer to eat live food. Their magic turns their feathers into flames. When their flames are activated, they wrap their 20 foot bodies around their foes and squeeze them while the fire burns the enemy. If the aim is a long-ranged attack, they fan their fiery wings to create a heat wave of 1000+ degrees.

    Tatzelwurm- Tatzelwurms are one of the few dragons that can be found in the snowy northern reaches of Fargona. Even though they have a cat's head and fore-legs, they act more like wolves and travel in packs. If hungry enough, they aren't beyond hunting lost humans. They can literally turn into shadows and use this to their advantage when stalking prey. They aren't very large, only being about 8 feet in length, but they are quick and vicious.

    Tiamat- The tiamat is like a mixture of fire, water, shadow, wind, and earth drakes. Like their drake counterparts, the red head breathes fire, the blue head breathes water, the black head breathes shadows, the white head breathes wind, and the green head breathes dirt. Unlike drakes, tiamats have a scorpion-like tail that delivers a deadly poison. This poison numbs the senses before killing the victim. These dragons are very bulky and clumsy so they aren't the best flyers. With many heads comes many preferences, so they can be found almost anywhere in Fargona.

    *Turtorg- Turtorg are typically smaller than sperm whales, but larger than humpback whales. They come in colors of green, blue, red, and yellow, and sometimes a mixture of more than one of those colors. They eat large amounts of fish, with the occasional shark or small whale. Though their shell may appear to be to small to fit their long limbs, a turtorg is able to fold its limbs in on themselves by dislocating some of its joins, allowing even its tail to fit inside of its spiked shell. While docile, turtorg have been the cause of shipwrecks on more than one occasion when they float near the surface of the water.

    Wyrm- Wyrms come in my different colors and patterns, but most are dull brown or gray. One of the few dragons that don't have magic, wyrms make up for it in pure ferosity. Because of the level of experience required to train a wyrm, they are usually left alone and are therefore one of the most common dragons found in the wild. Wyrms will attack anything on sight, unless they're feeling particularily sluggish. Like a large snake, a wyrm will constrict its prey with its body until it is dead. These massive snakes vary greatly in size, though most are between 20 and 50 feet in length. Wyrms are found mostly in forests and deserts.
    Long-snout- As their name suggest, long-snout wyrms have long snouts, as well as a snake-like tongue.
    Flat-snout- Unlike the long-snout wyrm, flat-snouts have flat faces and no tongue, and their mouths are lined with long rows of sharp teeth that quickly shred prey.
    Wyvern- At first glance, wyverns may appear to be the same as drakes, but their are a few characteristic that set the two apart: all wyverns are poisonous, wyverns only have two legs bat-like wings replacing the second pair, and wyverns are smaller than their drake counterparts, only growing to be about 10 feet in height and 15 feet in length. Wyverns are very quick and can maneuver easily even in the tightest of spots. Their bite causes paralysis if the poison coating their fangs and spines reaches the nerves. If the poison reaches the heart, the victim will die.

    Zomok- Covered in what appear to be branches and flowers, the zomok blends in well with its swamp habitat. A zomok's diet is made up of the plants found in swamps, with algae being its favorite. Zomok have often been called “Guardians of the Swamp” because of their tendency to attack anything that harms the swamps they live in. Though smaller than most dragons, being only 5 feet tall and 10 feet long, the zomok is vicious when angered. When a zomok is angry, the bubbles on its back will glow as it it prepares an hot, lava-like acid to spit out on its foe.

    Spots Left
    1. CourageHound as Tobi Gustav
    2. Typh as Rutack ShadowBlade
    3. Fortworth96 as Thia Rondamar
    4. Riley / sir aaron as Mikash Blinov (RPer in training)
    5. Heretostay123 as Alexander Baldwin
    6. JNathan as Annabelle Highley
    7. Reserved for a certain awesome person (You know who you are ;3)

    Important NPCs
    King Johar Ulond- The king of all of Fargona.
    Lord Catos Boutheret- The lord of Arddyn.
    Lord Talach Lolinnor- The lord of Honim.
    Lord Ferand Oborgon- The lord of Banloress.
    Hallum Ebboter- The captain of the king's Royal Guard.
    Gunthur Simelo- The leader of the Draconics, a division in the Army that specializes in dragon riding. He is also in charge of obtaining dragons for the entirety of the army as well as the king.

    • Follow all of PC's rules.
    • No more than one dragon per tamer.
    • Please keep the cursing to a minimum.
    • You can be creative with spells, but remember dragon tamers aren't able to use very powerful spells.
    • Be realistic about injuries. If blood is pouring out of your side from a giant wound, you aren't just fine.
    • It's fine if you control the occasional NPC, like family and friends, but major NPCs, like the king and lords of castles, are mine to control.
    • Don't bunny unless you have permission.
    • A dragon tamer and his/her dragon cannot speak mind-to-mind. They can only share one another's emotions.
    • Please try to be active. If you do not post within two weeks, I will VM you. If you have not posted or informed me of why you cannot post within another two weeks, you will be removed from the RP.
    • As well as being longer than four lines, all posts must be at least two paragraphs long.
    • 5 full sentences make up one paragraph.
    • Romance is allowed, but keep it within the rating.
    • There is bound to be violence, but please don't make anything too gory. Again, keep it within the rating.
    • If you choose to meet your dragon during the RP, please do so within the first few posts.
    • Pay close attention to my posts. They may hold useful information and plot hints.
    Age (at least 16, but no older than 35):
    Appearance (at least one full paragraph. You may add a picture, but I still want a written description as well):
    Personality (at least one full paragraph. I may ask for more if I'm not satisfied):
    History (At least two full paragraphs. I may ask for more if I'm not satisfied. If you've already met your dragon, include how you met it):
    Occupation (how do you make a living? This could range from being a thief to being a rich nobleman.):
    Spells known (include a description of how the spells work and what they do. Remember, nothing too powerful. If your character doesn't know any spells, leave this blank):
    Dragon Species:
    Age (adolescent, adult, or ancient):
    Description (at least one full paragraph. You may add a picture, but I still want a written description):
    Personality (at least one full paragraph. I may ask for more if I'm not satisfied):
    RP Sample (I don't care if it's a post from another RP, or a one you've just written up. Just as long as it's good):
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