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    Originally Posted by pikakitten View Post
    Really? If you say so, do you hate all, or a specific? scrambled, sunny side up, boiled, deviled, etc Ha, yeah I guess all schools do that green eggs and ham thing, though it's just food coloring xD

    EDIT: Yeah same here, sunny! xD
    I know right? I convinced the toddlers I worked with to enjoy vegetables because "that's how the hulk got so strong and green," I'm sure I convinced myself of something similar when I was little. Actually deviled eggs are quite delicious, forgot about those. I kind of skip the white part, though >___> so what I really mean to say is, mayonnaise and mustard and whatever else drowning the taste of yolk is quite delicious. Also, I apparently really like and make great omlettes when I'm hammered. And now that's sounding pretty good. I guess I kind of like eggs after all, but not really.