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    Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
    I'm currently having VERGUNDAI assist me with mapping. It's just that I've had it on hiatus for a while because hacking has kinda taken a back seat lately because I've been just so busy with school lately. I still actively do some other things in order to better myself, such as improving my music hacking skills so that my music is optimized the most for DS games and whatnot.

    So don't worry. I don't intend to cancel the game anytime soon, it's just that I've been really busy and haven't had time to put directly into the game itself.
    What Team said is true, I too have been struggling because of school, also I need to finish importing some files before I give the land_data away. I just need a bit more time. In 2-or 3 months Ill be away, to D.c. studying about the White House and it's history.
    So since then I work day to night trying to finish this land data.