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Auden Radke, Travelling to the Oculus Tower in Elikore.

The old planks of the dock creaked as Auden began walking along them, happy to get off the hell of a ship he had spent the last few weeks travelling on. Being on such a small ship with most passengers knowing each other had forced him for enjoying his favourite past time, as he doubted he could easily keep it a secret if someone suddenly went missing without a word or cry for help. I have travelled here by sea, this better be worth it.. If not it could be rather enjoyable destroying that tower and everything in it. He thought this too himself as he looked on with a slight sense of awe at the sheer size of the tower that was easily seen from the docks, which was his destination. The tower was majestic, he had to admit. Its marble shown beautifully in the sunlight, with the fact that the tower looked like it was almost all constructed from pure marble made it all the more impressive.. and fun to destroy. Throwing his hood over his head he made his way towards the massive tower, that loomed over the entire area.

The entrance to the tower, two large iron doors, looked slightly out of place to Auden, whom thought they would have at least painted them to match the marble, an insignificant fact but one that he noted none the less. After a few moments a loud screech creak erupted from the doors as the began to open. A small eunuch awaited at the now open entrance of the tower, greeting Auden with a warm smile before beginning to talk. “Greetings my lord. You are the third to arrive. Do come in. The lords above have been expecting you for some time. I do fear a few of them have become oh so impatient." The eunuch greeting seemed more like a recited and well practised speech than a greeting, and Auden was in no mood to be wasting time talking to insignificant bugs whom wouldn’t even be worth his time torturing.
“Why thank you sir. May you be here to lead me to the meeting with the Monks?” He asked as he stepped into the tower, only to be greeted with the sound of the doors slamming shut behind him.

“Welcome to the Oculus Tower, and yes I will guide you to your destination. This way please.” The eunuch replied as he began walking towards a small metal staircase across the other side of the room. Auden took a few glances around the room, realising he was in the famous “Grand Library”, which was apparently home to some of the worlds greatest written works. Many people were tending to the books, looking extremely content with their lives. Fire erupted out of Auden's hands as he turned towards some of the book cases, burning some eunuchs in the process, their screams of pain was music to his ears. As other eunuch rain to protect the books his slaughter continued. He reviled in the moans and screams of pain as he slowly crushed a group of eunuchs between book cases, their blood staining the books they sought to protect. Elation engulfed Auden's whole body at the screams of pain and sight of the treasured Grand Library being torn asunder and burnt to ashes.

“Now my lord, do stay on the platform. Hold on to the railing if you feel as though you will fall off.” The Eunuch's word shocked Auden back to reality, his elation quickly disappearing to be replaced by irritation and longing. It really has been too long.. I should have sated this desire just before I left Raelus. The eunuch proceeded to pull the small lever as Auden braced himself, still slightly shocked at the movement of the golden platform that he was standing on. Looking more closely at the platform there was a slight trace of magic that he had never seen before. The movement speed of the platform was also interesting, combined with the presence of the magic. I wonder if this is powered by magic or is mechanical.. Perhaps a combination of both. The walls around the platform were open to show off the large collection of books that made up the grand library, which covered a innumerable amount of floors of the tower. Various rare and expensive paintings decorated the walls of the library wherever there was free space. This tempted Auden even more to burn the entire tower to the ground. He caught himself reaching for his staff that was strapped to his back, clenching his fist in frustration.

A dimly lit stone room was the final destination of the platform, rather dull in comparison to all other rooms and floors that Auden had so far encountered in the tower. The room seemed as if though it saw little use, it was even slightly dusty, compared to the rest of the tower that had been revealed to Auden so far. “Come this way,” the Eunuch said to Auden, continuing to lead the way as he had earlier promised. The Eunuch paused before opening the door, Auden praying the trip through the tower was at its end. “I must warn you. The climb up the next of stairs is quite perilous. Stay close to the wall and you shall be fine."

“Pardon?”Auden asked allowing a slight tone of confusion in his voice, a sign to the Eunuch he didn't quite understand what he meant . The Eunuch reply was to open the door, allowing a strong gust of wind to blow through, ruffling Auden's robe and nearly blowing his hood off. After fixing his hood he followed the Eunuch through the door, only to gaze upon a truly impressive sight. The sight before him had almost made up for the long trip on the moving platform and dullness of the last room he had been in. Looking around Auden realised that he could see a large portion of Aerion from this vantage point. It was a sight to behold, and one that Auden had yet seen in his life, which was probably why he lingered longer then he had to. He saw the Eunuch a fair distance in front of him, nearly at the top of the stairs. I guess beauty is lost to people who see it to often. He though before following after the Eunuch, sticking close to the walls, just in case.

At the top of the stair case Auden was lead into a room that already had three people in it. The room's every wall was crafted from pure glass, the observatory of the monks of Ekilore, Auden presumed. The room gave the monks a 360 degree view of Aerion, high enough to see all the countries that made it. After taking a second to take in the room of myths, he continued to take his place to the left of the room, away from the other 3 people that had beaten him there. “We are finally here,” the Eunuch said. “Now we must wait for the others before the monks shall receive you. There’s only a few left, it should not be long.” After finishing the Eunuch went to the side of the room, joining the other Eunuch whom had already arrived in the room. The moment of the Eunuch allowed Auden a view of the other people in the room, taking in their appearance he began judging them silently, his own face obscured by his robes hood.
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