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Originally Posted by Ryliam View Post
Hey everyone Sorry for being away for a while I'll be ready to trade the moment school is done :D and I will be adding a lot more events to my shop :3

Also to anyone that i haven't gotten back to in a while and that's still interested in trading please PM me. Sorry for the inconvenience

Wow this is a pretty massive trade xP Well I kinda already have some of the events you mentioned :/ just haven't got the time to update and recieve them :/ Those would be the Rocket Meowth, Plasma Genesect, SMR2012 Keldeo, DW Arceus, and I don't collect Oblivia's unless you have proof that you got them yourself, sorry

So would just these be fine?
Kyushu Salamence
Kyushu Gardevoir
Juanita's Golurk
JR Kyushu Milotic
Kyushu Walrein
Kyushu Blaziken
Milos Island Tornadus
Pokemon Smash Mewtwo
Kyushu Metagross
February Mewtwo (French)
Alamos Darkrai

btw are your Kyushu's shiny or non-shiny?

Would you mean my Shinsegae Feebas?
Well, those JR Kyushu stuff would be all shiny...and for the proof of the Oblivia events, would these pictures cover it?
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