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Originally Posted by zexionlovelessillusions View Post
Do you think it's gonna be Pkmn gray?
Or Pkmn Ruby + Sapphire remake?
Welcome to our forums, Spencer! :3 Unfortunately, this forum is only for new users and returning users looking to introduce themselves to the community with descriptions about themselves. u_u So I'm afraid that this is off-topic by our subforums' standards, since this is not much of an introduction. Discussions regarding the January 8th news are already covered in this thread, so click this sentence to continue the line of discussion that you've started in this thread. ^^

However! We'll still be really happy to hear you introduce yourself with a proper introduction! If you read our New Users / Welcome rules, you're eligible for an introduction thread of your own, so you can always make a thread again that fulfills this purpose. ;D

That being said, I'm going to have to lock this. I hope you understand. D: Feel free to PM me or Cirno if you have further questions! :) We don't bite. :p