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Originally Posted by Codaq View Post
Yeah. I'm currently taking a master degree on food science, but I work as a researcher at my university. A nasty project involving killing caterpillars to evaluate their protein content. Kinda freak lol

And by the way, "puns" mean "farts", in portuguese. I loled.
Hmm, that's creepy, protein content xD

xD That's fun to know xD

Originally Posted by glitchguy View Post
^ The reason I probably won't have children.
I think you got ninja'd unless you won't evaluate your children's protein content xD

Originally Posted by outfox View Post
lol, I didn't even realize :p luckily I just had soup at work.

Teaching is definitely not a job for everyone. I'm kind of backwards from you, glitchguy; I hate adults (well, anyone with opinions), love kids. Honestly I love everyone but kids are the only people I can tolerate.
Hmm, fun xD
Do I count? :D, xD
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