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→ Route 30

“Being sorry doesn’t change it from having happened,” the guy said simply as he plucked a leaf away from Krissu's shoulder. The unexpectedly deep reply and the gesture made Krissu's mind halt for a moment, misinterpreting the gesture as being out of kindness. She just looked at the guy without knowing what to say. Somehow, him almost touching her shoulder had felt really strange. MAO was a very realistic game and not even Malcolm had even bothered touching her in any way; that just wasn't part of their friendship. Since Christina in real life never really had even been looked at by boys, this guy now made her feel very confused. Instead of just replying in Krissu's depressed manner as she probably would have if it had been a girl standing before her, she now just blushed.

Suddenly, something sat down on top of her head and Krissu gasped and looked up. It was a Hoothoot! Belonging to this guy, from the looks of it.

"Is your head okay?" Ange's voice suddenly came from behind. The other girl had apparently not tumbled down the hill like Krissu had. The Weedle didn't seem to follow either. Thank Arceus.

"Yeah, um," Krissu said, not really knowing what to say to that either as an owl currently sat on it. "I didn't hurt myself much..."

The guy quickly recalled the Hoothoot to its pokéball though and Krissu let out a breath. Then he turned to leave without further ado. Krissu got a strange urge.

“I’ll be on my way now," he said.


One second flew by. Stupid girl. Why did she call out that? She shouldn't be Christina now. She had abandoned that personality to be a better person here. More suited for the harsh life of MAO. Krissu, with determination and bravery. Hm. She quickly turned on her HUD. Yes, this guy was another player.

"My name is Krissu and this is Ange." She pointed at Ange and her Solosis. "Do you know what lies up ahead?" she then asked, just to say something to not make things even more awkward. "Is it Violet City?"