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    Wow okay! I think I'm only going to fight with you a bit over some things that had confused me - not in your post of course, but with the designs themselves and some points you... pointed out.

    Garbador is kinda cute to me! It does have those Grimer-eyes that aren't necessarily adorable, but the mouth is what does it for me. It's so cartoony, even for a Pokemon, and it just looks like he's trying a bit too hard to be threatening! (Otherwise I'm confused about the muffin-pigtails on its head. Are those supposed to be like explosions, or trees?)

    Lilligant is so beautiful. D: She really is like the Southern Belle Pokemon - especially compared to edgy, mysterious Roserade (and even gloomy-colored Vileplume).

    I rather enjoy Cinccino's animation! It makes it look a lot more bouncy and energetic. I do agree with you about the awkward placement and connection of the top... hair/fur what-have-yous. And I have never seen one come out of a premier ball. Though you do seem to be fairly concerned/obsessed? with the specific types of Pokeballs your Pokemon are caught in. Are you just that well knowledged in the subject matter? Haha.

    I'm really confused as to how you got that about Excadrill, actually. Unless, you mean by rumpled, his/its markings? I can not see where its skin sags - at least not in his sprites. I suppose I could see that at the top, where the awkwardly positioned claw? horn? is, but where else?

    Scrafty disappointed me. I was really excited by Scraggy's design - it looked like a good, first-evo Pokemon that could evolve into something silly! But then Scrafty is really edgy and cool (see mohawk, eyeshadow, and the baggy pants don't help either). It's terrible seeing that adorable thing grow up like that! D=

    Druddigon annoys me in the eyes. Its color combinations just irritate me. It's fairly obvious to see that they clash - the red and blue. The red and the yellow don't work, but the blue and the yellow do. It's a really confusing and unharmonic color scheme that just kind of splatters red everywhere unnecessarily. The wings are also a little disappointing - but as you said, and as I agree, it looks like it was designed by a child.

    I like to think of the Vanillite line as mutant ice cream cones, personally.

    Even if Axew turns into a monster, it is understandble, isn't it? In that even Dragons don't start out big and strong (see Dratini); they have to grow up first! However, I agree with you on the kind of haphazard connections between evolutions. The sudden and unsuspected muted yellow ochre is really only okay on Haxorus when you don't put it next to its pre-evos. Then it just looks like that one really awkward in-law...

    Galvantula is probably my one exception to the "it looks too much like a real animallll" rule because of the color scheme it kinda shares with Cohagrigus. Yellow and blue just makes me swoon.

    Purrloin really disappoints me - less so Liepard. It is a Dark-type version of Skitty. Um? I feel they could have been a bit more into the imaginative part here - Skitty sorta reminded you of a cat. Meowth was a Lucky Cat (like you put in front of your stores). Purrloin is a cat. I feel they might have been able to try for a more Cheshire Cat look with the line, akin to Gengar - especially since both are purple (at least in the Disney version). Purrloin's even a dark-type! It would make the evolution line a lot more appealing and fitting, at least to me - plus kudos for callbacks to Gengar?

    I'm not quite sure what to say about Reshiram. For Zekrom, who looks like an epic transformer, the tail might even fit - and a viable replacement for it might be something like electric mecha wings, hahaha. But for Reshiram, who's supposed to be the natural, fluffy one; I couldn't think of a suitable replacement. Its wings couldn't be on fire - that's Moltres' thing. There's not much else to do other than stick it on its tail - and they can't steal Charizard's thang.

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