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    Originally Posted by Noossab Blue View Post
    Got a couple questions:

    1. Is there a way to make blizzard 100% accurate in hail for fire red? I assume a similar mechanic is already built into the game since Thunder is 100% accurate in rain...
    As far as I know, this is already the case. Correct me if I'm wrong. If I am wrong, then it would be simple enough for any ASM hacker to add.

    ETA: Here's how to do it:

    Firstly, assemble this code:
    .align 2
    .global simpleandcontrary
    	push {r0-r1}
    	ldr r0, weather
    	ldrh r0, [r0, #0x0]
    	mov r1, #0x80
    	and r0, r1
    	cmp r0, #0x0
    	beq normal
    	ldr r0, move
    	ldrh r0, [r0, #0x0]
    	cmp r0, #0x3B
    	bne normal
    	mov r3, #0x64
    	b exit
    normal:	ldrb r3, [r7, #0x3]
    exit:	mov r8, r3
    	pop {r0-r1}
    	mov r0, #0x0
    	str r0, [sp, #0x0]
    	mov r0, #0x13
    	ldr r1, return
    	bx r1
    weather:	.word 0x02023F1C
    move:	.word 0x02023D4A
    return:	.word 0x0801DFD5
    And note down the location you inserted it at. Remember to insert it in a word aligned location. That is to say, the END of the insert location must be 0, 4, 8 or C.

    Now, take that location, add 1 to it and reverse hex it. So, if you inserted it at 0x80000C, you would use 0D 00 80 08.

    Now, in your hex editor, navigate to 0x1DFCA and change the code to:
    01 4B 18 47 00 00 XX XX XX XX
    Where the XX's stand for the reversed hex pointer you made above.

    That's it!

    Originally Posted by Noossab Blue View Post
    2. Is there a way to make it hail in-battle when the weather is set to snow in fire red?
    I have done this for LC and the 649 patch, so it's possible. Lemme dig up the ASM and instructions for how to do it. I'll edit this post and put it below.
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