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    Hullo! I'm hysteriX. You can call me Hyst, Rix, or whatever really catches your fancy. I've been doing art for a couple years now, and I hope to be doing it for a lot longer! Here I've come up with a poor, unimaginative name and slapped a hopefulyl more imaginative digital art store for all y'all under it. Sorry if it's a tad haphazard - I'm not truly the type to do fancy banners for all my little things.

    My main rules are to, ah, follow the site's and A&D board's rules. I would also like y'all to be even a tiny bit courteous! I am allowed to work on orders in any order. You are free to put in multiple orders as long as you use one form per character (scene?) - do note I am still free to do the orders in any, ah, order. I am allowed to decline an order. I am free to modify the form if I want. I will also ask of you all to put up with a bit of nagging if I (a) want more description on your characters, or (b) want to show you the sketch of the drawing to get your suggestions/approval!

    This is mainly a shop for people, mainly characters. They do not have to be Pokemon characters, but it could be fun if they were! Do note: I am but DECENT at drawing Pokemon. Please don't expect me to draw a Hydreigon - I do better with Pokemon like Lilligant or Sableye, even. Humanoid Pokemon would be much easier.

    Here are a few examples I've picked from my gallery that, ah, kinda have different styles.

    Flat color sketch
    A more sketchy example.
    This is me as a Gym Leader, actually, haha.

    This one has cleaner lineart, for those that prefer that.

    Shaded pictures - little/no background

    A personal favorite of mine.

    Semi-realistic? portraiture - NOTE! Only available if your character's design really wows! me (I am still practicing with this style). Please offer another choice of style if you choose this one.

    I am also happy to draw multiple characters.


    Sketchpage/flats + dragon and gryffon

    Cleaner Lines (+bg)

    More painterly?


    [b]Very detailed description of character(s) wanted or reference image:[/b]

    Click the pic to go to my art shop~ I draw humans and ponies (rarely Pokemon)
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