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    Here we go!

    Hello Jiny, it's nice to meet you in there! I'm very glad you joined us, even if we met in PokémonOnline it will be nice to speak aout everything in there too :3

    I do not pretend to say I know a lot of things about you, but almost!
    But wait, since when do you like Michael Jackson? Haha joking d:
    As we can see, you really like to battle people (and kicking many of them *Tickle*)
    Anyway! I'm so glad to see you in there. I hope you will enjoy your stay in there.
    Oh, and as said Wind Heart, you should to have a look in the Battle Center, if you're interested about battling some new players *~*

    I hope to see you around, and if you need anything, just ask us. This Community has open arms with newcomers and very kind with the others.
    If you need advanced help, just ask Cirno, she's a nice moderator! Even she's a little bit crazy though d:

    See you and kisses~

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