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Emboar; Level 37

~ I only ever played two runs of Black, using Snivy the first and Oshawott the second time around. hose Tepig for Black 2 just because I had used both the other starters in the initial Black version, but I'm glad I chose Tepig because my Emboar is a mighty fine Pokemon.

Lucario; Level 36

~ Lucario has always been one of my favourite Pokemon, so I was absolutely thrilled when I stumbled upon Riolu early on in the game. I hadn't been aware he was obtainable in Black 2; kinda fell out of love with Pokemon for a good while after finishing my second run of Black, and spontaneously purchased Black 2 without reading about it. So, I was doing mega happy dances when I first encountered Riolu.

Zorua; Level 28

~ I haven't really warmed up to this Pokemon ,to tell the truth. I'm one of those obsessive trainers -- "if it 'aint got my name beside OT, then I don't want it". Knowing it's N's has put a downside to it for me, but I keep him in my small party because I never owned one before and think they're an awesome Pokemon.

Aside from that, I just finished all there is to do in Driftveil, so I'm on Route 6, actually heading back into the town to get to the PC, to withdraw Tranquill & Azumarill; they're going to be my Fly & Surf buddy's.