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Is there a way to change some music files that exist in game in Pokemon White 2? I mean to change trainer's music (eg. Hiker) to Kanto Gym Leader music? If it is I would like to change some music:
Trainer named Hiker will have Kanto Gym Leader Music,
Youngster - Johto Gym Leader,
Worker - Hoenn Gym Leader,
Lass - Sinnoh Gym Leader and with champions:
Waiter (not Waitress) - Kanto Champion (Blue),
Dancer - Johto Champion (Lance),
Psychic (man) - Hoenn Champion
the last music: music which plays, when you fight the last, final battle in world tournament and that music for a Doctor.
Please, help me in doing it, just explain how to change music for Hiker, then for the others I will try allone to do it.

Thanks in advance.
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