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I have 3 animes, worthy of a perfect score.

Hellsing Ultimate:

Now many may disagree with me on this note, but I genuinely believe this series is worthy of a perfect score, for the following reasons.
- A varied cast, many of with which interesting back-stories
- An epilogue worthy of watching
- Fantastic fights
- Has an English dub worth watching (currently up-to OVA 8)
- Runs at a digestable pace (each OVA is 45-60 minutes, & runs for 10 OVA's)
- The Major is glorious, in every-sense of the word

Stein's Gate:

What can I say about Stein's gate, that has not already been said a dozen times...
- Amazing plot development & progression
- Fantastic casts of characters
- Gripping emotional narrative
- It does not run-into itself (i.e. It stops at a near perfect time in the story & wraps everything up in a timely manner)
- Multiple plot twists

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0:
This anime is actually something I want everyone to see. It is... interesting.
I really do not want to spoil it by revealing anything, but suffice to say, it is only 11 episodes long & you should watch it.
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