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    Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
    Didn't Gen III sold the least amount of cash compared to the other gens? A lot of fans still had a bad taste from the originals. Besides, the remakes are also suppose to take place in the same timeline as the current gen games (Gen III takes place at the same timeline as Gen I, and Gen IV takes place at the same timeline as Gen II). Then there's the in-game content for the Gen III remake: Will they merge Team Magma and Team Aqua's story again since Emerald is the true canon story? Will Steven be champion, or will it be Wallace? Is Juan coming back? All three of these characters also appeared in the Pokemon World Tournament, which make the chances of having the remakes slim.
    It would still give them about £500,000 (You can use $, but I'm English, not American) though. Also, if they put in extra stuff, then what will stop them not selling really first. If you take Emerald as the tru story, then Wallace will be champion, and Juan will be the 8th Gym Leader again. But if you think it's a R/S remake, then it would be Steven, and Wallace would be the 8th Gym Leader. Also, anything can happen. Also, I don't think Game Freak will think about the PWT, they'll just be thinking about the ££££££.
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