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Originally Posted by Leikaru View Post
It would still give them about £500,000 (You can use $, but I'm English, not American) though. Also, if they put in extra stuff, then what will stop them not selling really first. If you take Emerald as the tru story, then Wallace will be champion, and Juan will be the 8th Gym Leader again. But if you think it's a R/S remake, then it would be Steven, and Wallace would be the 8th Gym Leader. Also, anything can happen. Also, I don't think Game Freak will think about the PWT, they'll just be thinking about the ££££££.
Which isn't a good thing because you hear a lot of people on the internet complaining about companies caring about only money instead of their passion, and in order to do that, they want companies to avoid making quick/cheap cash-ins.
And Mercy too.