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Another hoax:
Hi Pokémon-Fans out there!
I'm not telling you my name, but you can trust my information. I was authorized to write the story for previous games (Platinum, Black 2) and the upcoming game's story will also be wrote by me. Now I will give you some information which will be confirmed once the game is anounced.
Don't believe in all the rumors about a upcoming spin-off or WiiU title. As far as I know, Ambrella is working on a WiiU game which is quite similar to Pokepark, but I don't know that much about it yet. The game which will be revealed on January 8th will be for the Nintendo 3DS and will be released in two different versions (like the previous games), and the names are "Pokémon Indigo" and "Pokémon Crimson", which sound strange in the first moment. It's the 6th Generation of Pokemon, and it's a totally new game AND a remake combined! Your game will start in the new region called "Omla" which is like Isshu a bit more "futuristic". So there are planes, helicopters, trains and more. But after finishing the game (8 gyms like always, but there is a dojo which is similar to the one in Blue/red) and one time before, you will be able to travel trough hoenn, too! 20 years were gone since the charakters from ruby and saphire travelled through the region. I don't want to spoil too much, but many things changed because the entotsu-chama (volcan) erupted and many citys like Fuen Town are gone but there are new cities like "Yume town", which is all about the dreamworld. And yes, the dreamworld will be continued in the future but it's extended.
There will be 107 new pokemon, but you will be able to catch the older ones, too. In my opinion, the new pokemon don't look as bad as the 5th Gen Pokemon, but you will be able to make your own opinion next week because in the next Pokemon Smash episode, morimoto will appear again and as far as I know, he will show about 10 of the new pokemon.
There will also be new forms of older pokemons, like "wild" forms of Groudon and Kyogre. These Pokemon will also be a big part of the new game.
There won't be a new pokemon type like digital or whatever people are talking about, but Groudon will get the fire type in his wild form and Kyogre will get the Psychic type, too, so they are ground/fire and water/psychic.

Maybe I will post some more informations later this day.

The fact that he can't correctly spell the word characters & Sapphire is a big giveaway but I do like the names Crimson & Indigo.