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    Hi all. I'm really new to the forum, and though I'm not new to pokemon, as it's been part of my life since I was just a kid, I'm returning after a good near decade and a half of not caring.
    One of the things I've been into between then and now is character development and script writing. I know scripts aren't everyone's cup of tea here, but I do put a lot of effort in to make sure that they're a performance and story, rather than just back and forth dialog. Hopefully you all will enjoy them, once I get around to starting to write.

    Now we're onto my plot. It's still being thought over, but my mind's eye is enjoying it

    Recently I've gotten into post apocalyptic stories (I know, I know - boooo overdone!) More the Book of Eli and Jericho type Apocalypse more so than zombie type that we see in Walking Dead.

    My plot is a pretty heavy mash up of taking pokemon and dumping it in the world that was the over all scenery for The Book of Eli. I hope that doesn't lose me any credit as a writer (obviously my scenery inspiration credit goes to that movie) - it's just what /really/ inspires me.

    The setting is some few decades past the year of the "last" pokemon league, as the were disbanded as the economy crumbled and resources were thin. Pokemon were now used as workers, and any type of recreational battling that wasn't purely for self defense was frowned upon. However, there still are some people who refuse to believe it's over.
    In the "new world," pokemon are divided into 3 categories: Inedible Defense, Inedible Worker, and Edible.
    So, unfortunately, if your pokemon is not rock, ghost, or steel - it's food, and if it's not your food - someone else is going to make it theirs. The regions have been too built up with new towns to fit any large sustainable farms.

    sooooooooooooo, that brings us to my main character - Tori.
    Tori is a mid-twenties female "trainer" who was raised by a gardener mother and fighting pokemon trainer father. Her mother, being a gardener, raised her family, as well as the family's pokemon, to be mostly herbivores.
    Tori, at her introduction, is at the beginning of her "adventure" and has two pokemon:
    Growlithe: a pokemon given to her by her father to "keep her safe - keep her warm" (his words to the growlithe)
    Torterra: Her grandmother's pokemon that was passed down to her mother, and then to her. It is a very old pokemon, an though it can still get around just fine, and fight when need be, it is much happier dozing off. This pokemon is mostly used as a portable garden, as it's back can sustain plant growth.

    I've toyed with ideas of what exactly she's going on an adventure for, and what I've come up with so far is that, similar to book of eli, there is a city of "elders" way off. I've considered it being the original elite 4 + red, and Tori's attempt is to convince them to restore the pokemon league and bring their powerful pokemon out of hibernation and attempt to restore order and convince the masses to find ways to rebuild civilly.

    But ^ that is way off, and will probably take me forever and a decade to actually get to 8D....

    Some random tidbits of things that are different in this world.

    Large structures like pokemon centers and gyms were forced into makeshift shelters when disasters forced people out of their homes. Similar to the scenery at some shelters after the US's hurricane katrina - some were far less than safe and thefts, rapes, and murders run rampant. This caused most "good" people to be forced out of the shelters, and what is left is colonies of criminals waiting to prey on naive travelers thinking that the pokemon center or gym is their sanctuary.

    Most of the good people, including pokemon center staff, have now been forced underground and there is an elaborate network of messengers that have created ways of passing medicine, vegetation, and injured pokemon undetected. (note: Electricity is still available but it is rare. Thieves [team something? who knows] will often use their own electric pokemon to follow electrical pulses of other electric pokemon being used to sustain power - so it's best to do without, or if you need it, to use very little very quickly)

    umumumum.... .___. yeah. I hope it's not too cliche? ;
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