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    Update on my single solo through White with Sebastian the Stoutland:
    When last we saw Arlo and Sebastian, they were outside Dragonspiral Tower.

    Talked to Prof. Juniper Sr., then left him in the capable hands of his new bodyguard Bianca and went inside. Sebastian lost a few points every time he had to hit a Druddigon, but other than that, the trip to the top was entirely uneventful and risk-free. And we got there just in time to see N revive Reshiram.

    Talked to the prof afterward and got the hint to go to Relic Castle. Blew through the trainers there, got to the bottom, faced down Ghetsis and found out there was nothing to be found there. Then got the call to go to the museum in Nacrene City, where we finally picked up the Dark Stone. Then flew back to Icirrus City and went through Route 8, picking up the few things we couldn't reach when we'd swung out through there before, during winter. Fought Bianca at the entrance to Tubeline Bridge, and demolished her yet again.

    Through the bridge and out on Route 9. Fought trainers and went into the Department Store.... and realized there's nothing we need to buy anyway. That's been an odd thing with this solo run - I'm loaded down with items I've picked up and never used and with money I've earned and never spent. Went back out and on to Opelucid City. Talked to Iris and Drayden, then went through town, only avoiding the Triple Battle house. Then flew back to Mistralton, where Sebastian relearned Ice Fang, then went into Iris' gym.

    Blew through the trainers, only taking damage from Rough Skin from the Druddigons, and soon came to face Iris.

    Took down all three of her pokemon in one shot each, and just like that, it was over.

    Back out - yes Prof. Juniper, I do know where to go next thank you very much. Down to the Pokemon center to heal and replenish PP, then it was on to Route 10. Fought the trainers, talked to Cheren and Bianca, fought Cheren - one-shotted his entire team - then it was on to the gates, with Bianca's inspirational speech lingering in my mind.

    I didn't notice last time through those gates how cool that music actually is. I like that whole part of the game - making my way up through the gates - even if every new section is a different cell, so there's a loading pause at each gate (and kudos to GF for commenting on that in-game).

    Then we stepped out to the base of the mountain, and the entrance to Victory Road, where we stopped for a well-earned bit of rest.