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    Hey there Gin!
    since 1998?! That's when I was born so I didn't really have that option, go Celebi! xD Anyways, Netbattle, I don't think it sounds familiar to me, what's a shoddy battle?

    Hmm, so I'm guessing you have a preference to Sinnoh? xD Well anyways, like Cirno said (because Cirno and Cid are always right xD) You should check the server (here for info)
    and I'm not sure if I can give a link to the actual server xD

    So you were an admin at that place? Seems like you might know your way around the forums :D

    I'mma interview you. xD What music do you listen to? What old games of the PS2/Gameboy? What instruments do you play? What's your favorite Michael Jackson song? etc. xD

    Anyways, (Like Cirno said, because whether we like it or not, Cirno and Cid are always right xD) Thanks for giving a detailed intro and really letting us get to know you, have fun and enjoy PC! Bye!

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