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    Luxanna's Log #3 & a ½

    Cherrygrove City looked even bigger in a first person view, rather than looking overhead on a video game. There were buildings, active people, a vast sea, and there was even a pokémon center, and a pokémart. The local pokémon center was pretty busy; after all, a couple of inexperienced trainer players have just gotten their pokemon injured from battling wild pokemon, and they would rather not risk them to be so injured that they would lose battles and cause them to die. The nurse of the pokémon center was busy with her helper pokemon, a Chansey, lookinng about as joyful as ever. Soon, the front automatic doors opened, as Luxanna arrived inside.

    "Hi-ya doc!" Luxanna greeted with an open smile. "Are ya all done zappin' my pokémon?"

    "Yes, of course!" The nurse said with a smile. The Chansey then brought a tray of two pokéballs, which of course was Lux's two only pokemon, her Growlithe and her Pidgey. The Chansey then brought the tray to the counter, where Lux happily retrieved them. "Your pokemon are now fighting fit! I hope we see you again!"

    "Thank you very much! You too, Chansey!" Lux thanked brightly. "By the way doc, do you have a name? After all you've done for lil'ol me, I'd like to thank ya properly, ya know?"

    "It's not very necessary," the nurse explained. "Just a thanks and the satisfaction that pokémon are bright and healthy are just enough for me!"

    "I know, but... what if I just give ya a nickname?" Lux suggested. "Every time pokémon are all healthy and stuff, you look all joyful and stuff... I know! How about I call ya... Nurse Joy!"

    "I think that's a nice nickname, hehe," the nurse complemented with a giggle. "Well, my name is technically not 'Joy', but, whatever is comfortable for you!"

    "Heeeeey, Nurse Joy!" said Lux, getting used to the new nickname already. She was goggled-eyeing the healing machine that the nurse used. "Woooooow I've seen that type of machine before, but not like this! Maaaan I love the colors and the little 'beep, beep, beepbobeep!' sounds it makes from here! Amazing!"

    "Well, when it comes to pokémon health, pokémon are only deserving on the best technology to provide it!" the nurse explained. "However, none of this is possible without Chansey here; she does as much work as I do!" The Chansey made a delightful cry in recognition.

    "Anyway, thank ya Nurse Joy! You too Chansey!" Lux thanked again as she tucked her pokémon in her pockets safely. She waved 'goodbye' to them as the joyful nurse and her beloved Chansey waved 'goodbye' back. Then the nurse got to thinking.

    "Nurse Joy, huh?" the nurse inquired as she turned to her Chansey. "It does have a nice ring to it..."

    Exiting out of the pokémon center, Lux soon encountered a crowd. But most of them started to back off from extreme boredom. Trying to figure out what was going on, Lux had to swivel and squirm her way through the walking townspeople, until she was finally near the front. There, she saw what it looked like an elder woman, who had some sort of transmitter device, and a microphone. She seemed to have trouble.

    "Oh.. how do I work this blasted thing..." she grumbled as she tapped and blew on it, just to make sure it was functioning. Finally, she got it working, but there was a loud screeching sound that emitted from the transmitter, causing everyone, including Lux, to cover their ears. Soon the noise stopped, leaving the place quiet. "Here we go! Ahem. As you young trainers know, Mr. Pokemon is quite the oddball. Quite the airhead indeed."

    "...Excuse me, miss?" a younger voice whispered, grabbing Lux's attention. She was tugging on to Lux's belt. "...Do you know what an airhead is?"

    "Someone who's so smart, they can control the air with their mind!" replied Lux with a smile.

    "That's amazing..." the young girl complemented.

    "...and so I'm offering this brand new PokéGear for anyone who brings back the pokémon egg that the dingbat refused to send without an escort of some kind. Can anyone volunteer--"

    "I want to volunteer!" shouted Lux as she quickly approached the elderly woman. "My name is Lux, and I'm a pokémon trainer! I can totally bring you back the egg in 5 seconds flat! Well, maybe 5 minutes because it's a long trip, but... yeah! It'll be no problem wrinkly old lady!"

    "Ahem, yes... the mayor of Cherrygrove is an 'old lady'... it's nice to see that I'm reminded," gagged the woman with a unjoyous cough. "In any case, that's very generous of you. He doesn't live too far away - he's in Route 30. But please remember to bring it back and -- huh... where did you...?"

    "HOOOOOOLLYYYY MILKTANK!" shouted Lux from a few feet away. She was looking through an old garbage can. For some reason. "A 75BH5 itemfinder!! I've only seen it in catalouges, but wooooooow! Who would throw away something like this?! Let's see... aw, it doesn't work... maybe I can take it apart later!"

    "She's quite the spirited one," the mayor said softly with a smile. "That reminds me of someone I know.."

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