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    Despite the dwarf's efforts in shutting out the hurtful clamor of the bar's attendants, they haven't entirely forgotten about the presence of their previous form of entertainment. The stiff posture and leaking eyelids of the young woman inevitably return the bar's attention back to the distraught half-elf.

    "Hey guys! Look, she's crying! Poor little girl!" points out one of the drunks in the bar who catches glimpse of the woman trying to no avail to hold back her distress as her eyes begin to pour out her trickling emotions.

    The bar's patrons catch sight of her predicament and continue roaring in raucous laughter, Xeye paralyzed from the reverberating, mocking tones of those in the bar. The only ones who remain mostly silent are the members of her gang, quickly congregating in the bar soon after her own arrival but mostly ignoring the unruly behavior of the other customers of the bar minus the dwarf who only was focused on grabbing all of the attention for himself. Perhaps uncouth behavior is expected in a run-down bar and thus ignored, but whatever their reason is, Xeye quickly realizes that she's on her own for this one. The thought of maybe behaving in a mature fashion, however that's done, doesn't even cross her mind, but maybe the mercenaries aren't interested in their newbie mercenary that is Xeye? Maybe she hadn't done enough to earn their respect? Any reason could be feasible, but the realization is sure. She isn't going to obtain any support from her comrades, at least not in this publicly humiliating circumstance. Tears begin flooding down her face, all while continuing to endure the insults hurled at her from the bar's customers. Too much for her at this point, she decides to leave the scene before they catch sight of her flooding eyes and incite further ridicule from the patrons. Varian distributing their shares of their bounty money is ignored by Xeye, turning around towards the bar's exit and walking out, keeping her head low and tucked in to her body so that the patrons would see as little of her face as possible.

    "Running home to your mother? This bar is for adults, not for watery-eyed children!" shouts various customers inside the bar among other cruel comments as the young half-elf breaches its door and exits, doing her best to hold back the tears fighting against her will.

    After freeing herself from the painful ordeal inside the Broken Keg, she continues walking away before contemplating where she might go to relax, knowing that she can't travel too far as her gang will likely want to meet with her at some point to reconvene and prepare to seek out their next team bounty. The streets are unacceptable, even though her rear is already laden with the **** of animals, and the smell still continues to wrinkle her nose. Nonetheless, she begins to make her way down the street, perhaps just to walk off her anxiety, even though the scent of the town may just make her attempt meaningless.
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