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    This should be interesting. I generally just do the Pokémon gender has to match my gender in-game, and I've never thought of some Pokémon as more male or female than others. I'll start this later tonight when I actually have time to play the game.

    Richards Log

    Tonight when I woke up from my nap, my mom told that Professor Elm was looking for and wanted to talk to me. On my way to Elm's Laboratory, I run into Lyra playing with her Marill. I wish I had a Pokémon of my own.

    When I get to the lab, Elm is waiting for me. He tells me that he is researching Pokémon walking outside their Pokéballs. And he's giving me a Pokémon, but before he does he gets an email. Apparently his friend Mr. Pokémon found something really rare, it's an egg apparently, yawn. Anyways, I choose my Pokémon a Totodile I name Chomper.

    As I leave the lab, Bob the aid gives me some potions. And after I leave the lab, Lyra calls Chomper 'cute'. He is not cute, he is badass get it right. Anyways, I go to tell Mom what I'm doing and she calls Chomper 'adorable' slightly better than 'cute'. She tells me to be proud that others know they can count on me. And she tells me the Pokégear was returned from the repair shop, woot.

    I leave for Route 29, and go to Cherrygrove. It is an uneventful trip except for a few battles with wild Pokémon. Chomper gains a level. In Cherrygrove, we get a tour of the city from some old man, who gives us a pair of running shoes, thanks Mom, you won't get for me but some random stranger will, great example, and the map card for my Pokégear.

    The trip on Route 30 was uneventful too. A few wild Pokémon battles, and Chomper gains another level. I find Mr. Pokémon house easily, when I go in he has a guest. Mr. Pokémon tells me about his find, and gives me the egg. Then Professor Oak talks to me, and ends up giving the Pokédex. The last two people to get the Pokédex are legends, Red and Blue, were both Kanto league champions. When I exit the house, Elm calls me to tell me he was rob of a Pokémon. I hurry back to New Bark, only to be stopped by a weird red headed kid with a Chikorita, the weakest of the starters. I beat him, and learn his name is Brycen. I tell the police at the lab this, and I give Elm the egg. He is shocked because the egg is really rare here. When he finds out I got the Pokédex, he suggests I do the gym challenge. I think I will. He also suggests I tell my Mom, but I know she'll turn into an emotional wreck when she's given the news. Dad still hasn't returned from his gym challenge, and that was started 5 years ago. I wonder where he is. So I skip out of town and head to the next town, Violet Town.

    I get into my second trainer battle, and easily win. Halfway to Violet, and my Mom calls. Yells at me for not telling her goodbye. Offers to save half my money, I say yes. Finally I get to Violet City, and I head to the Pokécenter to heal up, and spend the night. I'll hunting for some other Pokémon tomorrow morning.

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