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    Originally Posted by Guillermo View Post
    Aw haha, you're too kind to me.
    I hope you've been doing your squats Kura....

    Articuno is my favourite seeing as my bird I have now looks like him so.

    I found as I got older I got more into things (or back into things) people would consider "for kids." Maybe it was a way to reminisce my childhood, or hold onto my youth because growing up sucks.. who knows.
    Yeah just not these past two weeks because christmas break and I wasn't home! I'm home tomorrow.. so I probably put back everything I lost because I have been having dessert or extra helpings haha .o.;; (I also have work tomorrow blegh..) which means.. bus, then train, then drop stuff at home, and then straight to work and I know work's gonna be busy @[email protected] Oh well..

    I like kids things because well.. they're more lighthearted and imaginative most of the time :3
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