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Recruiting a Team Member
Team name: Pokémon Steel
Team Leader: Leikaru
Current Members: Leikaru, Karel_Kazuki (he's taken now)
Current Game title: Pokémon Steel Version
Current progress made: Not much, just fully planned.
Position(s) needed: Modeler (The game is 3D), Composer
Timezone: 0:00 GMT London
Preferred Method of contact: PM/Post on thread.
Link to your active PC thread OR At least 4 screenshots (One of these are required. Posts without these will be deleted): Pokémon Steel Version
Additional info: The game is 3D, so we need more members than your average fan made game would require.
Pokemon Y > Pokemon X

Don't agree? Sorry for spoiling your day.

Coming soon... a new game... after I've finished Pokemon Steel of course.

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