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This is something that I want to know before I create the command window in the Pokedex. What should I have in the window for options.
This is the Area, Cry, Info, Forms Window. Note that I plan to popup the data in windows instead of chancing the screen. What I need to know is:
  • Should area be done by popping up the map and highligtning the locations, with a list of areas that it is found at, or just take it out and use the Habbitat List function from BW2
  • Should form pop-up a window with all the froms and you can compare them or should it just cycle the forms in the main window.
  • What else could this window use?

Other than that
  • All ability names and descriptions are in the kit, starting on the effects
  • Fixed a bug with region effects
  • Added custom hit formula's for the more advanced members to use.
  • New additions to the critical hit system

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