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    Originally Posted by Marsoc View Post
    Please help. Im at the part in the story where you have to destroy the transmitter in the lighthouse in the orange islands and the part where you have to clear out the crystal cave with marissa's brother but when i enter the cave after battling him i can walk through walls and on the water and there is nobody in there. but when i go into those to caves inside of the cave it is the wifi battle room and when i go onto the starting position my game freezes. If i exit the cave after entering it then marissa's brother is back outside the cave battling that nexus guy.BTW east of Sandytown is alot of tile glitches.

    I dont remember what version i am on but i download and installed this mod on 9/22/2012. if that helps.
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    Attachment 66959
    Indeed, you need to update with the latest one.

    Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Kevin View Post
    I think you should make the Saturn Leader's team more powerful. At least, the last time I played this hack, he only had Electric type Pokemon with weak moves. You should give him Pokemon of different types, and only 1 Electric Pokemon with a better moveset (For example, if Electabuzz, give it Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, and Brick Break). Because currently, he is pathetic.
    I put this on my todo list, he should have better team indeed.

    Originally Posted by Marsoc View Post
    Will i still have my save and story progress?
    You just download the latest build, reapply it to a clean fire red, and rename your old save.

    Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
    It is recommended to restart the game completely. The save is supposed to be removed by the new build, or something.

    Just to clarrify this, if you have been using Beta 3.2 or above, or any of the new build you can use your old save. It's anything below 3.2 and you can't.

    Just so people know whats going on, the second Orange Island is very near to completion. Just doing the final scripts and maps, and a few more areas before it's finished . Then it will be the 3rd island etc.
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