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    Originally Posted by droomph View Post
    well guys I just woke up. 14 hours of sleep isn't healthy even by my low standards

    ffffff I feel so lazy and I just want to go back to sleep in depression


    So yeah, I guess everybody has their "peak" time on anything…for me on PC, it was in the summer of this year when I had time to waste it on talking to friends (actually, not waste, but use), but now it's just AHHHHHH STRESSSSSSSSSSSSSS oh hey pc STRESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    so nothing's better or worse, it's just everyone had a different experience subjectively.
    OH GOD I am gonna miss waking up late in the day :c been doing it for 2 weeks now.. waahh.. work starting tomorrow..

    And shoot.. Codaq that really sucks :c Its a shame when booming communities start to die off. This place probably wouldn't be so big if it wasn't for the rom hacking section or if they stopped making pokemon games. It's nice it's going strong still, I agree.

    Also I dunno why but I couldn't stop laughing..


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