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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
I got some of the older LoZ games on my phone and actually fell in love with Minish Cap. I was surprised because I've tried the original multiple times and I'm just miserably bad at it. Games with real-time combat is just impossible for me. :( /bad gamer
Wanna try a game with turned based combat that is really hard then?

Skyward Sword is perhaps more controversial than Wind Waker because of the graphics and the fact that they retired the OoT-style gameplay and used a new gameplay style instead. Just wait until the next Zelda game is announced, and the fans will bash it and praise Skyward Sword.
Why are you so partial against "hardcore gamers"? I'm not a Zelda craze and I think the complaints it gets are justified, save for maybe the controls. Not to mention the fans that will praise it are different from ones that hate it, much like Wind Waker fans.

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