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    Zara Serena Freya

    Zara took in a deep breath, smelling the salty ocean and the wind surrounding her. She had always felt better in nature rather than in the oppressive aura of the city, with the peculiar scents and disgusting odour that involved with everyone's smells mixing together. On her journey, she had never used a ship to escape from Rolsten, although she had sailed once to the Lost Mountains for training with her uncle.

    She could not imagine why people could get sea sick. The rocking of the boat was soothing and the pure scent of the ocean was wonderful. Still, the air was, at times, tainted with the sour smell of vomit and bodily odour if she went near the other people on the ship, so Zara tried to stay to herself mostly, even if that's what her usual mask would not do.

    Zara wished that the sea journey would not end. Although she was sure travelling to the legendary Tower of Oculus would be fun, the area surrounding her made the usual gregarious person calm and silent. She had no thought when near the water and was sure that if she swam, she would loose herself to the usually still waters with small waves batting at her.

    Zara almost sighed when she saw the docks in the far horizon.


    Zara skipped off the boat with a grin, her usual mask already planted firm on her face. The docks creaked slightly from the weight, but did not break or bend. It was obvious that the docks were old; some of the planks were rotted away and would probably break with a single step. Zara made sure to avoid all of the weaknesses of the rotted wood and thought to herself that someone really ought to either replace the wood or create a new dock.

    Then she saw the Tower of Oculus and knew where the money from the planks went.

    "Ah," she murmured to herself from her discovery, not her shock of seeing the, what most would call, beautiful tower in front of her.

    Zara had a minor appreciation of architecture, believing that nature created the best beauty of all, but even she knew that the tower was very grand indeed. It seemed to be pure white in the sunlight, causing Zara to wince from the painful glare. The large size of the tower allowed Zara to see it from the docks, even if she had to travel a few miles to get to it. It seemed taller in person.

    Zara heard a loud screeching noise coming from the opening of the large iron door, causing Zara to wince, and a rather average sized, bald man wearing brightly coloured clothes opened the door.

    "Greeting, my lord," the eunuch stated. Zara did not bother to correct the eunuch's assumption that she was a male, but still felt a small shiver run through her body. Curious. "You are the second to last to arrive; the lords are starting to become impatient."

    As the eunuch turned around to lead Zara in, Zara walked through the door, hearing the iron door slam behind her. Zara did not flinch and continued to follow the eunuch as he guided her through the tower.

    "Welcome to Oculus Tower," stated the eunuch, as they travelled through the base of the tower, a large circular room wrapped around a golden platform.

    "The Astrum," breathed Zara, recognising the room from the grand pictures her studies and shown her. She did not bother with her mask currently.

    "Correct, my lord," stated the eunuch. "The Astrum holds some of the greatest works known to everyone, but I am quite sure that you know that. Please come along; we must hurry to the top of the tower."

    The eunuch stood on the platform and Zara remembered that the platform moved upward to reach another higher part of the tower. Zara stepped on and the eunuch stated, "My lord, if you must, use the railings in order to stay on the platform."

    The eunuch pulled a small lever and the platform started to move up. As Zara was expecting the movement, Zara did not stumble from the sudden movement. Without Zara noticing, the eunuch smiled.

    Zara studied the tower as they moved up, trying to read some of the titles of the books in the Astrum as fast as she could. She realised that she had read a few of the titles, but was unable to recall most of the books at all. Zara had spent most of her life studying, yet there was still much that she hadn't read yet.

    The platform stopped at dimly lit room that was completely bare except for an iron door for an exit. While it could not compare to the other rooms of the tower, it was obvious that the room was only a passageway for whatever was on the other side of the door.

    "Please watch your step and remain close to the wall during the next part of the journey, my lord," warned the eunuch.

    Zara nodded, and the eunuch opened the door, causing a huge gust of wind to swallow the two. Zara breathed in deeply, catching the thin air and the power of the wind with a smile. The eunuch walked through the strong wind with ease, and Zara followed with the same amount of ease. Her uncle had taught her how to walk against the wind without showing a hint of distress when they trained in the Lost Mountains.

    The eunuch walked with the ease of having travelled the same way for a long amount of views, especially since he did not even glance at the view beside of them. Zara, on the other hand, while walking with the same ease, stopped while staring at the view beside her. She could certainly see why the monks would stay at the Tower of Oculus. There were no words to describe the sight that she saw and the feelings she had seeing it. When she realised that the eunuch was a bit far away, Zara walked after him.

    They continued walking until reached a room whose walls were made with pure glass, although the roof and the foundation were made with marble and stone respectively. While everything inside of her screamed to take the sight seriously, her usual joking mask found its way on her face in the form of a grin.

    "What an awesome and asterous room!" Zara exclaimed, lowering the pitch of her voice enough that she sounded like a male instead. 'Fool your enemies, fool your friends, fool everyone' was a mantra that was drilled into her head due to her father. She continued with a grin on her face. "Hopefully no one breaks the walls; that would be disastrous, heavy on the dis."

    She probably wasn't making a good first impression; especially since everyone seemed so serious. Well, Zara was too, but only inwardly. She was also sure that her little word play was going to annoy someone.

    Her eyes made her way through the room and while it looked like she was taking in the wondrous sight of the outside, she was studying everyone; taking in what she could about people's personalities from their clothes and body position. She, herself, seemed rather relaxed and open, with her hunching posture and grin on her face. Zara did not look like she could handle the swords she had. In fact, she probably looked like the most incompetent person in the room.

    (OOC: Remember, Zara looks like a feminine looking male and with the lowering of her voice, she probably seems to be a man to everyone, except for, perhaps, the awesome monks who know everything. If the monks ruin my fun, I'll be sad. :( I hope this makes up for the long time it took me to create a post. xD)
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