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    3's cast is definitely better than 4's imo. (3 has a baseball loving guy and a boxer, so I may be biased.) But honestly I can't finish 3, because Tartarus is so tedious and I hate A.I controlled team mates (should buy Persona 3 Portable, though). 4 was an absolute joy to play through and through. It had better demon selection, a more enjoyable battle system, different themed dungeons and great bosses. I also prefer the story over 3's, but I'm a sucker for murder mystery. Oh, and all the playable characters are likable. To be honest I only care about Akihiko, Junpei, Yukari and Mitsuru in 3, and they alone made me prefer 3's cast. But, the only character I possibly wouldn't give a damn about in 4 is Chie, because Kanji is obviously superior.

    I recommend playing 3 before 4, still, if you want to play both. It's almost impossible to play 3 after 4 because of the A.I controlled team mates and Tartarus. P3P fixes one issue though, but not Tartarus. Never played 1 or 2 but I heard they are very outdated with pretty annoying game mechanics.

    EDIT: You'd be surprised at the amount of people who think Persona 3 is better. 'Course most of them are pretty annoying fanboys/girl, to be honest.

    EDIT2: Oh, I'd give the music to Persona 4. But 3 has the best battle theme ever. BAYBABYBABYBABY

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