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    Originally Posted by Saltsas View Post
    yea my bad it isn't over, but yet have you people that say that LP has no storyline at all played the game itself?Seriously it isn't the best storyline in PC but imo I think that it still deserves a place in top 3.Storyline in Cutlerine's Snakewood sure deserves first place.And all the effort Wesley put on LP, sure there are many people who doesn't like it.I believe most members in PC have played LP and in graphic appeal, engaging gameplay and stuff like that it is first by far.
    Everyone put effort in their hacks, but Wesley's story is... bland, to put it nicely.
    His story was mostly a mixed rehash of the typical Pokemon story, except instead of adding more meat, he repeatedly used the climax over and over again. It was always Team Steam stealing an artifact, and later resurrecting a legendary Pokemon, and then getting their plans foiled, and repeat. Though I have to admit, Wesley's artistic skills are stellar, and unrivaled by almost all ROM-hackers in the site.

    I'm also surprised by how other hacks managed to get in the top of certain categories. I am not naming any, but how exactly did a hack that repeatedly reused slightly edited default maps got into the top three in mapping?

    Though, good luck for WesleyFG, diegoisawsome, and LaZ.