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    This is a difficult discussion to make any ground on as far as I see... who's to say that our world "earth" isn't just a speck of dust in a vacuum on a planet fifty billion times the size of ours? Improbable? Well, yes, but... what proof do you have that it's not? Can you honestly tell me, with total certainty, that it is impossible?

    You get my point.
    As absurd as the above arguement is there's no definitive, or cogent evidence to fully disprove it.
    Yes there has been countless religious leaders, and scientists that have stated a theory or two, but that is all they are theories.

    In answer to your question:

    Do you believe in parallel worlds?
    Sure, I don't see why not.

    Do you believe in a multiverse?
    It's possible I suppose.

    What is the origin of the planet Earth?
    I don't know, the thought is staggering.

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