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Originally Posted by PokeInfuse View Post
Thought i'd pipe in on this post :)

Every so often i decide to record something. Be it me playing my guitar and singing, just singing or whatever. (Usually im ill when i do this. xD)
Well one time, i recorded vocals on my phone and sent it to my friend to edit and well, this is the result.

It Will Rain/Chasing Pavements Cover

also, check out my other stuff. All on my Soundcloud.

My Soundcloud
I very much enjoyed your cover of It Will Rain/Chasing Pavements - your voice suits the songs (especially It Will Rain) really well. It took a while to get used to the deep voice singing Adele's words but once I'd adjusted it was very enjoyable. The flawless transitions between the two songs were remarkable and the backing track (I'm assuming it was made by your friend?) is also very well done. The editing is at a really high standard and I can't wait to browse your Soundcloud for more of your recordings! The only slight issue I had whilst listening to it was the use of auto-tuning at points (eg around 2:20) as your voice honestly seems strong enough to carry the songs without any need for editing it, but if that's your style then so be it. :)