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Originally Posted by PokémonShinySilver View Post
Hm... there is something I'd actually like to be added into this tutorial, which is...

"Note: Remember, if you ever notice that SDSME is not saving the header data for you, that means you didn't click somewhere else on the header table or pressing enter after changing the header value. Always after changing the value, you must click elsewhere on the header table or press enter, 'cause if you don't... then the header data in that particular area won't save."

Oh and something you should also change in this tutorial... is the weather values. 'Cause I've found alot more Weather Effects than 17 in the ROM itself, I'd recommend copy and pasting this to replace the one that's already there, here they are:

0		Normal
1		Cloudy
2		Rain
3		Heavy Rain
4		Thunderstorm with Heavy Rain
5		Snow
6		Hail
7		Blizzard
8		White Background
9		Volcanic Ash
10		Sandstorm
11		Diamond Dust
12		Rising Rocks
13		Purple and Black Background
14		Gradiant White Fog
15		Gradiant Black Fog
16		Dark Area (Requires Flash)
17		Thunderstorm with No Rain
18		Light Fog
19		Thick Fog
20		Rainbow
21		Hail
22		Sandstorm
23		Tree Shade
24		Very Dark Area
25		Very Dark Area
26		Black Layer
27		Cyan Layer
28		Red Layer
29		Blue Layer
30		Black Layer
31		Crash Upon Entering
32		Rain, Heavy Rain or Thunderstorm with Heavy Rain
33		Normal, Cloudy or Rain
34		Hail or Blizzard
35		Hail or Snow
36		Normal, Snow or Diamond Dust
37 - 255	Cycles through weather effects 32, 33, 34 and 35 with each value from 37 to 255.
I'll add the weather codes, and I'll add a warning for the header editor.
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