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I'm going to dive in head-first and say gen 1 had the worst overall.

Competitively, Blaziken, Infernape, and Empoleon are arguably the best starters to use (not counting Dream World abilities, in which case Blaziken and Serperior sweep the competition away). The gen 1 starters aren't that amazing in terms of stats or movepools. And don't even get me started with Charizard's best friend Stealth Rock. The gen 2 and gen 5 starters aren't much better, though, so that leaves me with design.

Design-wise, gen 1 also happens to be my least favorite. I don't mind when some Pokemon in an evolutionary line look similar, but I think Bulbasaur-Ivysaur and Charmander-Charmeleon were a bit too much in that regard. Out of the three starters, I only like one form from each line (Charizard, Wartortle, and Bulbasaur) in terms of design, whereas each other gen I like the designs of many more.

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