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    Demisexuality is one of those things I don't completely understand. That's just me though, I can see it actually happening though because I know of people who are so reserved in themselves and would never dare open up to someone sexually unless they had some sort of connection like that. That's cool though.

    As for people who call themselves "demiromantic" I feel like they have no idea how interpersonal relationships work.

    I-I guess the best way I can explain it is that I can't feel desires for people based on lovely appearances or anything instinctive. Those kinds of things don't get to me at all. ;w; I have to already be 'attracted' to someone on a deeper level. The way I usually describe it is if I'm not already in love or caring deeply for someone, I'm asexual. XDD;

    That usually helps to get the meaning out there better. Hope it helped a bit. ^^; Demisexuality is a project to explain, dfkjdslj.