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I'm sorry I've been so horridly absent guys, my life has been keeping me away big time. I haven't forgotten about you though, I've been watching this thread like a hawk but I just haven't had the time in any one sitting to sit down and formulate an actual post .

Phantom, you should continue to spill your feels, because I'm going to do the same about a guy I went on a date with in a minute

Firstly though, Victini, I'm so happy you've sorted out what you can identify as! Though I thought demisexuality was in the Grey-A group? Also I'm happy you've decided to come back and share with us again, it's been a while since we've seen you around!

OK so now let me all tell you about the date I went on last night!

I was on Grindr and came across this guy named Jesse. Grindr is usually full of horny freaks who want nothing more to get into your pants so I was thinking of giving up on the whole thing altogether when I came across this guy and his picture was cute so I decided to talk to him.

We hit it off quite well, talked about music and TV and stuff, and I said we should do something some time and he said yes. This was the first time I've actually asked a guy out so I was really happy when he didn't reject me

Anyway I had to go to work so I said I'd talk to him later, then I didn't see him online on Grindr for a few days. Then on Friday night I saw him again and he talked to me and he said he was feeling emotional because he was thinking about his best friend in the world that died six months ago from an epileptic seizure in her sleep. So I really felt for him and asked if I could do anything to help him feel better and he said he'd like to go out for a slushie. I got excited that he wanted to meet me so I ran around and got changed but then he changed his mind but said we should do something soon.

I gave him my number and he gave me his and he texted me on Saturday morning and we ended up making a plan for last night. It was very awkward at first, as it was always going to be, being a first date - and he got a phone call near the beginning of the date and he told whoever called him that he was "just hanging with a friend" so that was a little discouraging but at the same time took a lot of pressure off the whole outing. So the awkwardness eventually subsided and we talked and laughed and went driving around to various places (as it was a Sunday night and there's not really anything to do on a Sunday night ).

Eventually we got to this lookout and we were looking up at the stars and talking and laughing and he was showing me some awesome YouTube videos (by the way, if you haven't seen Nigella Talks Dirty, then my GOD you have to) and he snorts whenever he laughs and I find that absolutely ****ing adorable omg.

Anyway so we stood up and he goes "can I ask you a question?" and I said "sure" and he said "Can I hug you?" and I said "sure" so we hugged. And then I said "I owe you a hug anyway, I promised you one when we were talking the other night (about his dead friend)" so we hugged again and then he said "Damn you're nice to cuddle" so we kept hugging. The hugs were lasting longer each time until they were minutes at a time.

Then we started rubbing each others backs while we were hugging and when we came out of each hug we were sort of lingering closer to each other and then I said "Can I ask you a question?" and he said "sure" and I said "Can I kiss you?" and he just looked at me and smiled and then we kissed!

And we kissed again. He told me I was a good kisser which was really awesome since that was actually my first kiss (I've done sexual things with friends before but never kissed anyone I was interested in).

Aaaaa so exciting! We ended up making out like seven times and then we had to go because it was midnight and he goes to bed earlier than I do

But yeah I'm seeing him again tonight! We're going to see Pitch Perfect and it shall be awesome!

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