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What region would you meet them in? Kanto
What town would you be from? Pallet Town.
How would you meet them? With a Pokemon Battle!
What would your main goal be? Also, to become a PKMN Master.
What would be your preferred Pokémon type? Fire types.
What would be your main Pokémon? A Pikachu too. But Ash's one is taller.
Would you let your main Pokémon evolve, and if so, to what extent? No. My Pika won't evolve.
What would your gender be? Male.
What would your name be? Jay.
What family members would you have? Everyone. Father, mother, aunt,uncle grandfather granmother...etc.
What would you look like? My Avatar! xD

Yeah I know...just like Red meeting Ash and Brock.

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