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    Another update:
    Went through Victory Road normally until I got tired of dealing with Durants (which took about 45 seconds), then did the rest of it under Max Repel. My second time through it now, so I got to look around and consider it a bit more, and as Victory Roads go, I really have to say that this one's not bad. It's still tedious, but there've been much worse. Looped around and got all the items, even though none of them are really of any use to Sebastian. Then came out in front of the League.

    Knowing what I was going to be facing, I decided that Ice Fang, much though I like it, wasn't going to do me much good, so I replaced it with Aerial Ace. Even that wasn't really necessary, and it actually does just a little bit less damage than Return (Aerial Ace is 75 so super effective on a fighter it's 150, Return is 105 so with neutral STAB it's 157), but I just wanted another useful attack so I had no risk of running out of PP.

    So this was Sebastian, ready to go in...


    And first up was Shauntal.

    I figured she was going to be easy, and she was. Her ghosts went down to a single Crunch each. And it was on to Grimsley.

    He was a bit tougher. Scrafty survived a Return, but he countered with Sand Attack, so I hit him with an Aerial Ace for a KO. Krookodile survived a Return and countered with an Earthquake that took about a third off of Sebastian. Grimsley used one of his Full Restores on the next turn and Sebastian hit with another Return. Then Grimsley used his other Full Restore and Sebastian hit again. Finally on the next turn he KO'ed the Krookodile. Bisharp next - Dig on the first (and second) turn, then Sebastian took a minor loss to a Night Slash, then Dig again for the KO. And finally Liepard. I took the first turn to give Sebastian a Hyper Potion while Liepard hit with the predicted Fake Out, then Sebastian KOed it easily with a Return on the next turn. Next up, Caitlin.

    As I expected, her psychics were no problem - like Shauntal's Ghosts, they all went down to a single Crunch each. Then what I figured would be the toughest challenge for a Stoutland - Marshal's fighters.

    He opened with Throh and Sebastian took him down with a crit on an Aerial Ace. Next up was Conkeldurr. Sebastian hit with an AA and took it down to less than 25%, then it countered with a Hammer Arm that took Sebastian down to 80 points (from his total of 218). I pondered it a minute and decided to go for it, and Marshal didn't use a potion, so the next AA fainted Conkeldurr. Next up was Mienshao. I was feeling exposed with Sebastian at 80 points, so I took a turn to give him a Hyper Potion, and Mienshao hit with a Jump Kick and took Sebastian right back down to 90 points. I could see that going on for too long, so I gambled on Sebastian's speed (and 20 level advantage) and set up an Aerial Ace, which went first and hit for a OHKO. Then it was Sawk's turn. I knew Sturdy was going to be a problem, and I knew that Sebastian couldn't survive starting at 90 points, so I gave him another Hyper Potion on the first turn. And Sawk hit with, of all things, Karate Chop. It took about 45 points off of Sebastian. So I just let it go and hit with an AA, which failed OHKO only because of Sturdy, while Sawk countered with another weak Karate Chop. On the next turn, Marshal gave Sawk a Full Restore, then Sebastian hit him with another AA that was stopped by Sturdy. We just repeated that until Marshal ran out of Full Restores, then KOed him. Much easier than I thought it was going to be.

    Then it was on to the promised final battle with the Champion. Except, of course, that there was no battle with the Champion, because N was already there, and then Bowser's... I mean N's castle popped up out of the ground and so on.

    I have to admit though, as sort of cheesy as all that is, it's really pretty cool when the Gym Leaders show up and confront the Sages.

    Went up through the castle and talked to everyone and such, then saved in front of the last door, ready to go in and face down N. And Ghetsis. And Ghetsis' Hydreigon.

    Yeah... I prob'ly oughta put Ice Fang back on Sebastian first, now that I think about it...

    And edited for another update:
    Used the unexplained Team Plasma teleporter to zip back to the Pokemon League, then flew to Mistralton to get Ice Fang back on Sebastian. Then back to the Pokemon League and back to N's Castle, and went in for the showdown. Went through all the preliminaries, then saved in front of Zekrom, since I have no use for a legendary even in a normal game, much less in a solo, so it was going to be Quick Ball or nothing at all. Took about six tries to finally catch one in a Quick Ball, then it was on to the battle, at which point I discovered that not only does the damned game force you to catch Zekrom and add it to your party if there's space - it actually sticks it in the lead position! What the hell? If I wanted it in the lead position, I'd've put it there my own damned self.

    So I had to waste the first turn just to switch in Sebastian, who then took an entirely unnecessary Fusion Flare from Reshiram. Sebastian hit on the next turn with an Ice Fang, but with Reshiram's dual typing with Fire, it only did neutral damage. Sebastian took a Hyper Beam that took him down to about half, then KOed Reshiram on the next turn with another Return. Next in was Klinklang, and Sebastian set up a Dig. Hit with the Dig on the next turn, and Klinklang turned back into Zoroark. Hit him with a Return for a KO. Next up was the real Klinklang, who went down to a single Dig, and Sebastian leveled up to lvl 70. Next up was Vanilluxe - OHKO with a Return. Then Carracosta. Sebastian was still at a bit less than half - had been ever since taking that Hyper Beam from Reshiram. I debated a bit and decided to go for it on Carracosta and used Dig. It knocked it down to just a sliver of red, but didn't KO it, and it countered with a Stone Edge that..... missed. Phew - that would've been a near certain KO if it had hit. Set Sebastian up with a Crunch for the next turn and N used a Full Restore on Carracosta, then the Crunch took it down to about 1/4. Another Crunch and it was KOed. And last up was Archeops, who went down to a single Ice Fang. Then Ghetsis took over.

    And Reshiram was still in the lead, where the game had put it against my will. So once again I had to waste the first turn switching it out. And Sebastian switched right into a Toxic from Cohagrigus. He set up a Crunch for the next turn and Cohagrigus Protected. Another Crunch, and this one hit for damage plus the lowered defense added effect, and Cohagrigus was in the low red. It countered with a Psychic that didn't do much to Sebastian. Another Crunch and Ghetsis used a Full Restore on Cohagrigus, but the Crunch fainted it anyway.

    Next up was Hydreigon. I took the first turn to give Sebastian a Full Restore, while Hydreigon set up a Focus Blast that missed. On the next turn, Sebastian hit with an Ice Fang that knocked Hydreigon down into yellow and it countered with another Focus Blast that left Sebastian with a bit more than half of his HP. The next turn was a Sebastian Ice Fang for a KO.

    Then Bouffalant. I gambled (since Sebastian was at just a bit more than half HP) and opened with a Return that took Bouffalant down into the red, but didn't faint it. It countered with a Head Charge and I thought it was all over. The Head Charge hit and left Sebastian with 23 HP. I gave him a Hyper Potion on the next turn and braced myself for another Head Charge, and Bouffalant hit with... Poison Jab. Shrugged it off and hit with another Return for a KO. Next was Seismitoad - Return - KO. Then Bisharp - Dig - KO. And finally Eelektross - Return - KO.

    Watched the finale unfold, then listened to N's parting speech.

    And then the credits ran, and as far as I'm concerned, the game's over. I'm not sure if I'll keep going or not. I know the (arbitrary) rules say that a BW challenge isn't over until I REchallenge the E4, but the credits have rolled and the game is technically over. It's not my fault that GF set this one up the way they did, and I see no reason why an exception should be made for BW, requiring players to beat the E4 TWICE in order to claim a completed game. That and, frankly, I'm tired of this challenge. It became tedious a while back, and I'm really not looking forward to going all the way through the rest of the map just so that I can grind enough levels to take Sebastian BACK to the E4 and fight and defeat the same trainers I already fought and defeated once. I think I'd rather do another solo (or an entirely different one), with a weaker pokemon, in a game in which I'm not expected to beat the E4 twice.

    And did anyone even read this?