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    Anyone who's already downloaded the alpha, please re-download it because I've fixed a major glitch that happens if you lose to your rival on Route 22.

    Edit: The Pokemon Center graphics are a little messed up. If you look closely to the left or right, depending on which direction you're walking, you can sometimes see little bits of tiles flash briefly onto the screen.
    That happens in the original FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald, and its barely noticeable.

    Also, Green's running sprites are messed up (possibly not finished yet?)
    I already addressed this on this very page:
    Originally Posted by Chaos Rush
    Also, please note, Green's running sprites have not yet been inserted, so I would prefer you to play as Red for now.
    Originally Posted by timson733333 View Post
    Second edit: I don't know if it's because of the gender (I chose to play as a girl just to derp around,) but whenever I pass the ledges on Route 2, the game crashes.

    Yet another edit: I can get past the ledges now, but only after I beat Blue on Route 22.
    Drat. I know what's causing that, I forgot to include a release command for the battle music fix thing.

    Try this instead:

    If you've already downloaded before I posted this current post, please download again. I just did a quick test, and finally everything is working as it should, music-wise.

    EDIT: also guys, if you want to see some new/custom moves, use that "special prize" at the end of the alpha to your advantage.

    Bulbasaur will learn Seed Bomb
    Bulbasaur family will learn Sludge Wave
    Charmander family will learn Fire Fang
    Charmander family will learn Flame Burst
    Charmander family will learn Inferno
    Charizard will learn Flare Blitz
    Squirtle family will learn Aqua Tail
    Caterpie and Weedle learns Bug Bite
    Butterfree learns Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, and Rage Powder
    Beedrill learns Poison Jab and Venom Rush
    Pidgey family learns Air Slash and Hurricane
    Fearow learns Drill Run
    Pichu learns Nasty Plot at Lv18
    Pikachu learns Static Hit at Lv18
    Mankey family learns Iron Wheel and Close Combat
    Murkrow family learns Brave Bird
    Honchkrow learns Nasty Plot, Night Slash, and Dark Pulse