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I'm really sorry for the huge delay in releasing the "Christmas" surprise. This is what happens when I set deadlines for myself... But guess what? Today is the day it's coming out!
Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
If you mean it i think its about Shining opal right? That would of course make my life very very busy
Nope, it's for CrystalDust. As you'll see...
Originally Posted by ElitePokes View Post
Thanks for the fixes!
I feel that a new beta for Shining Opal is coming :D
Or maybe something involving Wonder Cards?
Neither, as you'll see.
Originally Posted by pokélover View Post
Thanks for the fixes diego!! :D.....I wonder if you can get a togekiss in crystal dust?????
Sorry, no 4th gen Pokémon in CrystalDust.
Originally Posted by pokélover View Post
new bugs found ....after you battle your rival in the burnt tower the old man standing outside has spelling errors in his dialogue,the sailor outside in olivine city has weird characters in his dialogue as well......hope you fix soon as always ......and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU & EVERYBODY ELSE!!! :D
I can't find any errors with the old man's dialogue, but the sailor has been fixed.
Originally Posted by ElitePokes View Post
I think you can evolve Togebi so yeah you can get Togekiss

Diego i have a lil suggestion for the credits
Add The PC Members in the credits as a whole and remove my name... many ppl here helped so it better be that way :D

Merry Xmas all its the last time you see me here
Why? Bc im a retired Pokemon Player :D
Good luck with ur hacks Diego
Honestly, you've just done so much for this game that I think crediting you separately is really nice. But don't leave! I want you to beta test all my future hacks! .
In all seriousness, I wish you good luck with the rest of your life, as a beta tester or whatever you do for your real job. If you don't you should; you're good at it!
Originally Posted by Retribution View Post
I think you're getting Togegetic and Togekiss mixed up. xD This hack doesn't contain any 4th gen or 5th gen Pokemon to my knowledge so I'm fairly sure Togekiss is unavailable, I'm sorry to say. I personally love it (serene grace ftw) but yeah, it's not available. Having said that, I wouldn't mine 4th gen being introduced, but I guess that's up to diegoisawesome (that, and I would doubt they would be implemented until at least the hack was finished/reached the Sevii Islands.)

And awwww. As many would agree, you were amazing at picking up errors etc. Good luck with life and a merry Christmas to you too (and everyone else of course.)
This isn't related to the post, but your Pryce sprites have been inserted and are in today's new beta!
Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
Yeah removing unwanted pokes and adding 4th gen pokes as their replacement would be a great idea and will make this hack more likely to be playable by more fans.:D
...No thanks. The current Pokémon count is pretty good.
Originally Posted by HackChu View Post
Isn't this redundant seeing as how we already have the official remakes and the crystal remake on firered from LaZ?

EDIT: Also, could you call the double battle with Lance anytime, say if you want another battle with Lance with another group?
1st: Not really, considering the three remakes have different features that make them all good in different ways.
2nd. I could, with some modification. Interesting idea for the future...
Originally Posted by PokeReject View Post
There's a move list bug that I really want to be open. My Feraligatr can't learn Waterfall :'(. I had to use a Gyrados as an HM Slave to get through the game. I was wondering if you can fix it. Please and thank you
Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
Well... that's completely intentional
As weird as it might seem, Feraligator couldn't learn Waterfall in the 2nd generation.
Yeah, sorry to tell you, but Feraligatr couldn't learn Waterfall in 2nd gen and that's the way it's going to be here too.
Originally Posted by pokélover View Post
I found bugs in the cianwood gym......just wanted to let you know
Could you please clarify?
Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
We should always praise hackers as they really put lot of their life in making a hack. Both LC and CrystalDust Rock in different ways
This is true. People have different tastes and interests, and I think LC, CD, and HG/SS together fit into the main remake niches.
Originally Posted by eragon_1121 View Post
For some reason when I try to go to the Tin Tower it just shows a black screen. Any help?
This is (finally) fixed with today's patch.

Speaking of today's patch... This is a big one, containing 30k more changes than the last one...
The Proper DN System and Fixed Saves Patch!
Yes, you read correctly. A proper DN system that has decent palettes and... light-up windows!

(I'll update the first post later)
Not just this, but CrystalDust also saves on real hardware now!! Sadly, this means that your old save files won't work at all... However, save states should continue to work.
These features and a lot of other things are in today's patch! Download it now!

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