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    Pardon the use of Green here, but I can deal with borked running graphics so I played as her anyway. Also while this was the first alpha you put out, I played without sound and didn't run into any game-crashing bugs, which seems to be what you were fixing.

    Wall of text:

    I'm aware that all the female protagonists are very thin but this sprite makes her look like more of a toothpick than the normal one :/

    Terminator got trampled here and this fellow spits out some garbage after his dialogue.

    Achievements, not ahcievements.

    This looks a bit awkward- one question mark would probably do.

    This might be intentional but this phrasing is very inorganic and certainly not what he means to say- taken literally he's saying that his pokemon is stronger than Green's guy's pokemon, but not necessarily her own. "Both of your pokemon" would work.

    I don't know what to say about this other than that it looks absolutely ridiculous- it's funny, but more in the "Does he seriously expect us to take this game seriously?" way. It's also horribly forced and makes Red sound like a complete ass, which is something his other lines aren't helping with either.

    Also, I hope that losing these rival battles doesn't result in a white-out. They depend heavily on luck with IVs and crits as there is no place to grind or catch anything else and only one Potion available (that I found anyway).

    [10:29:38 PM] Sentient Mop: god that battle window
    [10:29:42 PM] Sentient Mop: he should lighten it up a bit
    [10:29:47 PM] Sentient Mop: it's a really stark contrast
    [10:29:55 PM] Sentient Mop: THAT'S a proper opinion
    [10:30:05 PM] Sentient Mop: (but seriously it's really jarring (worry) )
    [10:30:09 PM] Jade: it should be a dark violet colour

    I'm not one to ask about aesthetics but most of the people I've shown this hack to aren't terribly fond of this :/

    I'm assuming you just haven't gotten around to it but I'd put the icon hack in, since I can tell you from experience it's easy to mess up and give a physical/special move the wrong classification and not know about it for a while.

    I really don't like the free and infinite healing items here, along with the 10 potions being given for free- it doesn't help that they're practically required in the early trainer fights if you're unlucky with crits. Most people, to my knowledge, don't enter Viridian for the second time ready to fight two level 5s and a level 7 mon- they arrive with their starter and one or two freshly caught mons. Maybe you could push the Rockets to the north side of town so the Pokemon Center would be reachable?

    I'm going to assume these prices being unedited was an oversight as they render Antidotes and Paralyz Heals completely redundant, not to mention that having Premier Balls on sale for $200 destroys their novelty value.

    This doesn't look very comfortable. Also I'm going to be frank and say I do not like these tiles- the sideways stairs don't work well in gen 3 and the tiles to the right of where I'm standing in particular do not connect with either the stairs or the surrounding grass well.

    I'm really questioning having Murkrow available this early- it is very much not an early-game mon. To give you an idea of how strong it is:

    This was my party at the end of the alpha. After catching the Murkrow I left the forest to heal, put an Oran on Murkrow, re-entered the forest, and made it to the end without healing it at all or using my other mons. The item you see it holding is the same Oran I gave it going into the forest- this thing eats the place alive. Making matters worse it gains 60 BP STAB at level 15, which backed by its stats means it's going to keep on being effective afterwards. It doesn't help that vanilla Honchkrow is a very good mon in-game with EVs to patch up its speed.

    Some stats, assuming you haven't tweaked them:
    Murkrow: 60/85/42/85/42/91
    Pidgeotto: 63/60/55/50/50/71
    Raticate: 55/81/60/50/70/97
    Beedrill: 65/80/40/45/80/75
    Butterfree: 60/45/50/80/80/70

    That said I do like Murkrow as a mon- it's just a bit over-centralizing this early.

    Also, on no particular note, I was expecting Mom to give me something when she got up at the start of the game, and was rather disappointed when she didn't. You could probably off-load part of the pile of items Daisy gives you to her- Running Shoes in particular would be nice (:

    Having said all of this, it's nice to see a hack dabbling with moves and changing the core game around.

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