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Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
Why would they do that? To allow you to catch the same Sinnoh Pokémon you can transfer from DPPt?

That being said, they could add a nice post-game area like the one in Platinum.
Did new areas in HGSS only include the ability to catch other Pokemon? Did they not introduce things like the Pokeathlon? It's not all about pokemon availability because they could just as easily add in some new minigame type areas, etc. to the islands in the original Hoenn map that were of course inaccessible at the time/had no use/were just there.

Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
The Sinnoh Dex in DP actually has very few Johto Pokémon. They added more in Platinum, but it was mostly the ones who got evolutions in 4th gen. You can get more Johto Pokémon after you beat the game, but the point of a remake is to use the region's Pokémon during the main story, which you couldn't in DP because they simply weren't available.

The point you're making applies to 3rd gen remakes as well. You don't need to, as the absolute majority of the Hoenn Pokémon is catchable in DPPt/HGSS, but you can transfer all of Hoenn's Pokémon all the way to 5th gen games by transferring them to a 4th gen game, then once again to a 5th gen one.

And I'm pretty sure FRLG were made only because you couldn't catch Kanto Pokémon in RS (I think it was also the 10th anniversary of the franchise but I'm not sure). There was even basic stuff like Pidgey and Rattata which weren't available in RS without a cheat device prior to the release of FRLG.
I think his point was more that so many people use that as an excuse for why HGSS was made when, in reality, all pokes(including Johto) were perfectly obtainable in gen III with FrLg and RSE(aside from a few legends but they were still obtainable in events, etc.) so it really is rather poor excuse to justify HGSS being remade. What's funny though is how the same people who used that also flipped it when the same reasoning was brought up for RSE remakes(even though it really has little to do with anything).

Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Paper Mario is still using flat images for their game. The characters are Paper and look like they can be rendered sprites even though they are rendered images. The 3DS can use Sprite artwork and still keep 3D function.
One tricky thing about that would be the battle animations because I really can't see that fitting with something along the line of PM's style of using flat images in a 3D world(unless they would just scrap the animations but that would be a step back imo if they were to continue in a 2D way seeing as how much more interesting it makes them; it's also kind of disturbing to think of a 3D battle field with paper cut-outs of Pokemon, haha, at least imo). Unlike others who seem to like the idea, I also would find it extremely awkward to constantly swap back and forth from an overworld of sprites to full 3D battles.

I'm sure Game Freak would be clever enough to come up with a compromise, it's just one of those 'have to see it' things though. :D
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