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    Normal: Zigzagoon- Two words: Pick Up.
    Fire: Blaziken- My first starter<3
    Water: Ludicolo- 4x water resistance.
    Electric: Plusle/Minum- Cuteness overload
    Grass: Breloom- Kickass
    Flying: Pelipper- H.M Slave
    Dragon: Latios- Very useful
    Ice: Snorunt- Good enough
    Steel: Metagross- The only one i can think of.
    Bug: Shedinja- Wonder guard.
    Fighting: Medicham- Fighting/Psychic type.
    Psychic: Jirachi- Do you need a reason?
    Poison: Seviper- Looks awesome.
    Dark: Absol- Seriously high Attack
    Ground: Groudon- The lava king.
    Rock: Armaldo- Good movepool.
    Ghost: Shuppet- Cute as hell.