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Originally Posted by jasonwolf View Post
Well another part of it is Jason's ADHD. he can't stand being idle, so he just keeps going. I did skip doing the battles simply because it really is one or two hits. I was thinking I'd throw in an NPC trainer battle to make Jercio need to stop for a while, but I decided I'd let that happen later. With the second part, sure, but one question which one is Lux?

Ok fine two questions: Anyone else know Lux from LoL? And if you do then I'd like to hear who you play and what naught, but not here so we can stay on topic mostly.


EDIT: Oh and for anyone who wants one I can make overworld sprites for characters. I used to do it a lot more, and now I'm getting back into the hobby.

EDIT 2: RHCP I was just wondering Tyrogue doesn't learn any moves by level up, so I was hoping you might be able to tell me when/where I may procure some TMs.
Makes sense :] Lux is Miss Doronjo's character.

I don't know Lux from LoL.

Neat, perhaps some would like their character sprited. You could try with Krissu if you want.

Read the Violet City post and you will find that Falkner gives you a TM if you win to him and also the master Sage in the Sprout Tower I think?
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