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OKAY I am joining but my post won't be very formal Meganium!!!

So my username ofc is Forever (given that others listed theirs!!), um, right, favourite yeah see I don't have one yet and I don't think I will lmao. Everything other than AppleJack is my favourite. Like I see positive in every pony although sometimes Twilight Sparkle makes me want to punch a wall. But ya, I like how each of them are kind of?? Like I'd love to live in their world but I can't pick a favourite because I like the idea of unicorns and peaguses (which isn't autocorrecting to THE RIGHT WORD BUT W/E) and I'd want to be able to be in the clouds and have magic too ;___; idk if there's a pony that has both later on if so don't spoil!!! I'm up to episode 5 of season 2, and I'm watching MLP whenever I'm down so I don't use up all of the magic that MLP has to make me feel happy and I feel sad over the weirdest things so it's almost a guarantee I'll watch it everyday lmao. Um, I skipped the rodeo one and the other apple one because I greatly dislike AppleJack. Something about her just ugh she is not amazing. Pinkie/Rainbow/Twilight all together would be a good combination but I find Fluttershy hilarious too!! Pinkie ofc is hilarious, and Rainbow idk there's something really appealing about her, idk, something to do with what she can achieve like RAINBOWS, while Twilight's leadership is awesome but I don't like how she's crazy obsessive over books and school and ya not my thing. Rarity's pretty but overall she isn't that interesting imo and I only look at her because she's pretty. AppleBloom is p awesome because she's pretty and she started the cutie mark crusaders UM oh, MLP has also made me cry a lot lmao. Like I seriously think that if the whole world just sat down and watched MLP, there would be world peace. idk how it does it even too! I was so opposed to MLP because I'm normally opposed to things people dislike, then on New Years Eve, Mid linked something relating to a MLP parody, and the first episode was in related links, then I kept watching then I ended up crying and I was like HMMM I want to see more of this and ya it's amazing. Oh and I also like the extended theme song it's very addictive and uplifting :3 I just love the whole thing about he series, just about friendship and what they learn and how they remember their friends IDK IT'S AWESOME. And I'm surprised I cried on the second episode even, given that I didn't know the characters at all, but the fact that 40 minutes of knowing the characters makes me cry for them says something then again I would cry over spilt milk so maybe I'm just weird. Also it makes me think of my own friends and it makes me want to get my closer friends into it but some of them are SO OPPOSED and that makes me very sad because they need to watch it because asdfghjkl; EVERYONE IN THE WORLD SHOULD WATCH IT. :3; idk if that's all I need to say I CAN'T REMEMBER but I really like it and it's amazing and I want to live there. :(

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