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Before I delve into the topic, I just wanted to say this: if you're a new user and looking at this thread, come post and share your opinion! ;) Even if you already posted here once or twice, you could still come back to chill out. I mean we call this place a "hangout" for a reason. XD; As for what to post? There are lots of stuff to post about! Maybe you could post what you think about the current topic, post some experiences as a new user, or anything under the sun, really! :3 Just keep it within the rules and as related to the current line of discussion as possible, but apart from that, you're all set. :D

Seriously, this is another good way to talk with other new members, apart from posting in each other's introductions. ^^ In fact, here you have the advantage of talking about various topics and get to know each other without derailing the thread's purpose (which occasionally happens to intro threads, when chit-chat becomes unrelated to the intro). :DD So there's no reason not to post here, haha. ;D Oh and even if you're a PC veteran or something in between, you can still post and have fun. Like the first post says, anyone can post here. Except adbots and trolls, because they're no fun. :<

Back on topic:
Ah I love Oshawott. <3 He's definitely my favorite out of the Unova starters, and I really took a liking to Oshawott early on, even though everyone hated him during the early months since he was first revealed. :( Still, comparing Oshawott and Squirtle is like comparing apples and oranges imo; they're both great in their own ways, but I still have that one fruit that I prefer over all the other fruits in the basket. B)

Eh I don't know, what do you guys think? Who's your favorite starter and why? /topic (b'')b


My favorite starter (and favorite Pokémon) is Squirtle not only for being my first starter in Blue (and my favorite starter back in Yellow), but also because Ash's Squirtle made such an impression to me that I feel has not been duplicated with any other Pokémon in the anime. <3 My first avatar and signature combination here at PC was also Squirtle, so it brings back my early PC days. I remember my avatar was a still image of Ash's Squirtle sticking its tongue out, like that gif up there in spoilers. :p So yeah, it really has so many memories connected to it and remind me of so much that I couldn't think of any other Pokémon I like more. :D

By the way, I'm really happy you came back to this thread SkyShaymin. :DD